Can I join you??

Hi girls /ladies/yummy mummies/babies

Just wondered if i can join you?? I posted earlier and have had no reply so thought I would have another go lol.

I am Sarah,and normally appear in teh twin forum as I have 6month (nearly7month) twin girls Stevie Louise and Ashlea Claire, as well as another daughter Caitlin whose 2!

I have seen all of the rubbish that them horrid people have been saying and cant believe how sick some people are!!

Look forward to talking to you all hopefully.


p.s I am nice!!! :lol:


  • Hi there Sarah,

    I'm Laura and i have a little girl called Lucy who is almost 4 months old.

    Looking forward to chatting to you x
  • Hi Sarah, welcome to Baby - we really are a riendly bunch.xx Im Lisa with a 12week old son, Charlie. xx
  • Hi Sarah, welcome to you and your 3 little puddings! Im Lisa, have a 7 month old son called little champ!
  • hi hund welcome in hope you are ok
    i got little girl called faith how 9 month old time flies by
  • hi, big welcome, i have a 3 yr old and 20week old. xxx
  • Hi Sarah and welcome to baby. My little girl Bethany is almost 6 months.
  • Sorry we missed you hun. You're babies look gorgeous, so tiny and sweet. Look forward to hearing from you soon and what the twins are getting up to! xoxox
  • Hi,
    Welcome to baby and congratulations your lo's look lovely.
    I seriuosly take me hat off to you-I can just about cope with my lo (Alfie is 6+months) let alone twins and a toddler !! x
  • Hi hon
    Wow to you looking after 2 babies and a toddler!
    My little man is called Joseph and will be 16 weeks on Monday

    Tam xx
  • Hello, welcome to baby! Congrats on your LOs. I have Riley who is 6 and a half months. xxx
  • Hi ladies

    Thanks for all the replies.

    Yeah twins and toddler, tbh they are all really good, they all sleep through till about 9am, caitlin from 8pm and the twins from 10pm and they still sleep loads in the day so i can spend time with Caitlin!

    Stevie and Ashlea were born at 33 weeks so they are a few weeks behind by actual date but spot on for corrected age.

    From the pics i have seen on Avatar's we must all (as a forum) have the the most beautiful babies in the country lol. i presume the othe avatars have been taken off because of the troll?!

    Anyway look forward to speaking to you all xx
  • Hi and welcome to Baby.

    Avatars have been removed for that very reason, but its all been quiet since lunchtime so fingers crossed that troll has gone back to under her bridge!

  • hey,

    welcome! I have Louise who is 6 months.

  • Hi Sarah, welcome to baby.

    I'm afraid I shouldn't really still be here as my lil boy is now 16 months but I just can't bear to leave lol. I guess I can still try to give advice though as it doesn't feel that long ago he was a teeny weeny baby :\)

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