I've had a good cry but now need help!!

I'm new to this website but really need some advice!
My LO is 12 wks and has had problems feeding from birth. I couldnt breast feed so shes been bottle fed since she was 1 wk old and I've used cow and gate. To cut a long story short (I hope) my lo screams with pain during half her feeds a day. SHe's often sick, spits up, arches her back with pain, refuses to feed, has inconsistent dirty nappies but is gaining weight. I've taken her to docs while back who diagnosed her with reflux and so we've been giving her infant gaviscon. However, it doesnt seem to be working anymore. So we tried gripe water which is ok at times, infacol that made her projectile vomit all her feed and calpol as she seems in so much pain!!
HV made us an appointment at hospital and she's now been prescribed stronger reflux med and anti sickness medicine. Anyway had another horrendus day today. the reflux med takes a week to arrive and I tried the antisickness stuff and shes been sick all day!
The reason I'm messaging is because I dont even know if she has reflux or if shes allergic or something!
Has anyone had anything similar with there lo? Please help!! :\(


  • cant really help alot but have u tried changing her milk at all? sometimes diff brands can help?
    sorry to hear ur having so much trouble. i hope things get better for u both xxxxx
  • I was going to say the same thing - changing my baby to aptimil comfort milk made the world of difference to a lot of the things that you described. xx
  • might be worth swtching, SMA was too rich for our LO and he chucked up every just about every feed until we switched x
  • I would try changing her milk may be even to a soy based milk to see if that helps??? my ds1 threw up all the time on normal formula, my ds2 is on soy milk too xx
  • SMA do a Lactose Free formula, which we were told to use after Adam had a horrible sickness bug. If babies are sick a lot then they become temporarily lactose intolerant, which just leads to more sickness and discomfort. I was told (by the paed in A&E) *not* to use soy formula as this contains something similar to lactose which is equally as difficult for sicky babies to digest.

    Persevere with the meds though, they might take a while to kick in and pester your GP for a referral to the hospital paed or to a dietician.

  • DEF get yourself referred to a paed - even if you have to camp out at the drs or threaten taking LO to A&E (I did both of these!)

    I have twin boys. I bf for 8 weeks but struggled to keep up after their 6 week growth spurt so we slowly switched to formula. They were awful. They were never sick but eventually refused to drink anything. I saw a paed at 17 weeks, after spending days in tears and dreading feeding them, who diagnosed a milk allergy and put them on treated milk (not Soya as she suggested they also might have problems with this, which we later found they did) called Neocate - cue different babies! It took a little while for them to trust the bottle again, and at 11 months they still dont drink anywhere near the recommended amount, but by the time we had sorted things they had begun to loose weight, although this didnt happen for ages, their weight gain just slowed to nothing then went backwards.

    I urge you to pester and pester. It was only when I said they referred me or I was taking both boys to A&E after drinking no more than 4oz in a day for a couple of days they agreed to anything...and my paed was shocked id lasted so long!!

    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 11 months
  • Hi thanks for your replies. My lo has now got reflux med- Domperedone and omprazole. She seems better but is still having the odd scream and spitting up some milk. I was giving her cow and gate but yday changed her to Hipp Organic formula as I read good reviews. However, shes been sick after every feed. Does it take a while for your lo to get used to a new formula or can I assume that this one doesnt suit her. As the anti sickness med isnt working with this one?!
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