Three facts and a piccy x

Ok, so i nicked this from 'my baby was born in Dec 08' off Bubbub, so i hope she doesn't mind but it was just such a fabulous thread i wanted to post it here.

Just give three facts about yourself, and post a piccy (obv. don't post a piccy if you're uncomfy with it after all the trollness) xxx

OK, me...

1. I used to trampoline for Great Britain. I was supposed to go to Sydney olympics with the gymnastics squad but in qualifying someone took my photo with a flash camera and i landed on my head. Never bounced competitively again.

2. Since having my son i often find myself talking to my husband in the same way i would talk to lo, using gooey wooey wording and baby voice... and it usually works lol, go figure!

3. I am terrified of snakes. If i see one on tv i am physically frightened and quite often sick. This all stems from seeing a slo-worm in my garden as a kid. I told my parents there was a snake in the garden and they called out the RSPCA lmao!! :lol:

Me on my wedding day:

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  • wow - how did you not get to the finals Katie some of the girls who have been on it were awful!!! You would have been lots better.

    1. I have done a solo parachute jump. It was so much fun! There was 10 of us on the course, only 9 fit on the plane plus instructor so i had to go up alone!!!!!

    2. I am afraid of weetabix! They make me cringe.

    3. I once got in to trouble with the police - for writing in dust on a sign! I was eleven and once he realised it was dust and not a pen he backtracked a bit.

    This is me....

  • 1. all i ever wanted out of life was a loving husband, a couple of kids and a nice house, and im glad to say i have all three.

    2. the smell of peanut butter makes me throw up, dont know why it just always has

    3. i love to cook and bake, my fave room in our house is the kitchen. while most woman want flower, jewellery, chocolates ect for birthdays and what not i want new things for my kitchen, sad i know but true.

    this i me with charlie on Christmas day

  • 1 - I've fallen down a volcano, the outside not the inside lol

    2 - I love baking but hate cooking

    3 - I can drink most of my male friends under the table. Only when it comes to lager though, i'm knackered on spirits and wine!

    Me n Hubby on our wedding day

  • Omg Laura you 2 are bloody gorgeous, love this photo image
  • Aw thanks! My face hurt for about 3 weeks after the wedding as i laughed and smiled the whole day. Best day ever!
  • 1. I would LOVE to do a wing walk for charity after seeing somedoing it on a 'cadburys crunchie' aeroplane when i was little

    2. I had my picture shown on Tv when I was six and won a cbbc pen and an Edd the duck puppet which i still have!

    3. I love to dance and did line, swing & couples and competed in a team in the british choreography championships.


  • Great thread. 3 things about me
    1- I once sang on a single that was released. I think it sold 197 copies and most of them were probably family and friends. I don't even have a copy now it was so awful I just threw it out.
    2- I'm physically scared to the point of tears by rice pudding
    3- I love Tequila, to me detriment sometimes!!
    Picture of hubby and I on holiday in Maldives where I swam with sharks, is that a 4th fact ?)

  • Why is my picture so huge ? Sorry. S x
  • 1)once went skinny dipping in the dirty skegness sea at 3am

    2)met my husband on the internet!!

    3) got thrown out of school at 14! maybe why my spelling so rubbish lol

  • Hi i'm sara and im 24, got 3 boys

    fact 1 - Ive met Steven segal in america!

    fact 2 - I have never in my life had a fight or hit anyone!

    fact 3 - My boobs are a 38FF but look like deflated balloons! No one tends to believe me about there size cios i think there in proportion with the rest lol

    heres me doing my "porno pose" SO IVE BEEN TOLD LOL

  • I'm Lorraine, 29, and George 6 1/2 months

    !. I am so obsessed with My Chemical Romance, I have met them 16 times in the last 4 years.

    2. even though I will be 30 this year, I still get asked for id when buying alcahol.

    3. I love curry too, but can't eat as much as Katie can :lol:

  • "I am afraid of weetabix! They make me cringe"

    Is it when they squeak on the side of the bowl when you put them in? I hate that,it's like nails on a blackboard!

    OMG Katie where do you put all that food?!? I have chicken tikka tonight, that's the only curry (or indian food) i have ever eaten... i obviously need to expand my horizons! x
  • oooh fabulous post!

    1) i've never been more embarrassed since i had a dairylea dunker thrown at my face... and it stuck there!

    2) i once had a crafty fag in the head teachers office at school.. with the caretaker. There was a huge uproar about it but he'll never know it was me!

    3) i'm so scared of heights i once actually wet myself on a coach trip through sicily

  • ) Im an All England Irish Dancing champion, well was lol... now am a teacher to dancers who compete at the Worlds Oh and also toured America in a dance show from 19-21!

    2) I was anorexic and bulimic from 18-21 and weighed 6 stone 4, told Id never have kids.... now im a healthy 9 4 expecting no.2

    3) I have an unlhealthy love for Galaxy truffles from Celebrations, Id buy a whole box just for them

  • hehe the birmingham big meet might turn into the birmingham big indian food fest! :lol: x
  • Love this post too!!

    1. I was on a postcard for a theme park for a couple of years and got free entry into it for being a 'local celeb' lol. Theme park was - oakwood park in Wales!!

    2. I was married to my gorge hubby at 18 despite people commenting how I was way too young blah blah, we are celebrating our 5 year anniversary this year!!

    I too looooooove Indian food, my and my hubby make v v hot currys that would rival any indian restaurant!! Got to have all the trimmings too!! I agree jamdonut Indian buffet at the big meet then!!

    I will put a pic on as I dont mind weirdos looking at me, hey they do everyday!

  • Everyone else is much more exciting then me haha!

    1. I've got a sweet tooth, seriously nothing is too sweet n sickly for me! My mum had a craving for cream cakes in pregnancy, so that may have something to do with it.

    2. I used to do a lot of writing and poetry, both funny and serious. In sixth form my funny ones were famous, lol! I always wanted to be an author. Sadly since get pregnant my minds gone a bit dead lol.

    3. On the night I met my other half, I didn't think he fancied me so I pulled someone else instead....CLASSY!

    Here's me with my lil man ...

  • oooo im so not that interesting!!!!

    1. I once won a competition for writing a short story that got published in local paper
    2. Ive been married twice by the time I was 22 lol
    3. I once got so drunk in a night club I projectile vomited all over a big group of girls who were standing there looking smug then I laughed soo loud afterwards at them - made a swift exit lol

  • Tigerlilly thats such a gorgeous pic hes got amazing eyes!! xx
  • I like this post...........

    Lets see 3 facts :

    1 - I can eat chocolate till it comes out my ears! Quite easily sit and eat a family bar of Aero all to myself!

    2 - Met Dan Akrod while visiting family in Canada at a Drive in. His car was in front of ours!! He also lives in the same (remote) town as one of my cousins!!

    3 - When my husband is out I have to put the telly on upstairs so when I go to bed and turn the telly off downstairs the house isn't quiet. And it can't be the news it scares me!! Wierd I know!! I can watch the news when he is in!!

    Me and Hubby on holiday 2 years ago in Eygpt.
    Oh I thought of a forth, if thats allowed? Wherever we go i get told that my husband looks like Hugh Grant, which is funny because when i got back home from the first time he took me out my mum asked what he was like and I said he reminds me of Hugh Grant!! I love Hugh Grant as well! Shame he doesn't have his money...........
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