How long maternity leave did you take?


Im just being nosey... image I would love another baby which would complete my family. Problem is that we couldn't afford me being on maternity leave. I know that we would cope when I was back at work but I just cannot see how we would cope while I was on maternity leave. So I was just wondering how long you took off on Maternity leave and if it was your first or not.... Also if it wasnt your first and your lo was normally in nursery did they still go to nursery while you were on maternity leave?

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  • Hi, I'll have had just under a yr off when I go back to work. I'm a teacher and did 5 wks in Sept/beginning of Oct before going off, and then I will start back for the next school yr in Sept. It will be a struggle towards the end as I have about 4/5 wks where I dont get stat maternity pay, but with the way it's fallen I 'officially' go back to work end of July so I get paid in summer hols. This is my first LO, and we would really like another baby, but I'll go back to work for a year or so before we do, I'd like no more than 3 yrs between babies.

  • I have taken the full year. We saved up money. It is difficult, but not that difficult in our situation. Due to go back end of april, but gonna be made redundant. Was first child.
  • I was off for nearlly a year but wa signed of sick for 2 months before having my daughter due to spd, i took nine months mat leave and then 5 weeks annual leave so i had nine months at home with her, she's our first and last baby
  • Hi, I'm taking the full year and not due back until July. I was signed off work in March 09 on bed rest due to a low lying placenta so I would have had 16 months off in total once I go back. DS is my 1st but once we have another if DS enjoys Nursery I would probably take him for 1 day or a 1/2 a day a week just so he can play with his friends and I could have a bit of 1-2-1 time with new baby. xx
  • Hia
    dd is my first. I have taken 39 weeks paid maternity leave plus 4 weeks unpaid. I also took 2 weeks annual leave at the start so in total I would have had 45 weeks off. We wil not be having a 2nd baby.
  • I'm currently on maternity leave and will be taking the full year off. He's my first baby and I had initially planned on going back to work after 9 months, doing 4 days a week and LO in nursery. Now LO is here I so dont want to go back and am hoping work will agree to a 3day working week (and LO will be looked after alternatively by hubby and my mum&dad).
  • i have been off with spd since mid jan and off on mat leave since mid feb. i go back to work officially mid july, but dont actually go back to work until sept due to summer holidays. i would love more time. i would love not to go back at all image she is our first and our intention has always been to ttc again this dec/jan.
  • Riley is our first and I took 9 months off. Really didn't know how we'd cope with me being on mat pay but we did, plus we had a 6 month mortgage break which was obviously a great help! I decided not to go back to work but have now gone self-employed which was a big risk as we have a lot of outgoings, but we have managed to cope and hopefully will be better off in the long run when I'm bringing in more money. x
  • I was off sick from Sept due to coomplications. Maternity leave start beginning Dec. Oskar was born 14thdec and I go back on Thursday with Oskar aged 15weeks. Luckily only for a day as I am a teacher so got 2weeks off for Easter. He is my 2nd not sure about any more.
  • HI I have taken 7 months mat leave and 2 weeks holiday. I am due back mid july x
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