need a rant plus advice girls


Rant starts about the oh, well he knew that at end the end of the month our rent lease would be up, he left it until the last fuckin week to start looking for a place, that on top of a baby was just really stressful we had so many big fights that week all i done was cry, we eventually got a lovely little 2 bed cottage on the friday, had to move out that day and go back and scrub the other flat so they wouldnt use any little excsue to keep our 600 quid deposit! so my mum kept the baby from friday which was a GREAT help. anyways i kinda calmed down as it was my 21st birthday on the saturday the 31st jan, he was taking my for a meal, he knew it was my bday then for ages.......he didnt even get me a card!!! i thought he was joking, it really really hurt me as it wanst just an ordinary birthday it was my 21st, he didnt even bother to get me a card from my little boy, that hurt me the most, i understand it was a stressful week but he could have got it at the start of the month knowing we would be moving at the end...wouldnt that be common sense?? all the way through the meal he kept making comments like yeh IF we get to a year, (march 8th) bla bla when at the start he was like when we get to a year should we get engaged, i miss that romancy thing at the start

Okays onto my little boy Lochlan, he's 12 weeks today, my god i dont know were the time has went hes getting so big!!

Well since birth ive had a niggly thing about his eyes as they didnt really focus but as you know this is normal for a baby, but his left eye turns out alot, to the point everyone is noticing this even in pics his one eye focuses n the other is pointing at the side, we are waiting on a appointment for him to see a ophthalmologist, i believe he has exotropia, has anyone else experienced this with ther lo's what happens at the eye specialist? i feel sick with worry i just want my little boy to be ok.


ps thanks for listening to my rant!! xx


  • i thought i'd replied but it's not showing up.

    i can't believe what your of did, that's disgraceful shame on him!! i'd kill my hubby if he didnt get me a card fr my 21st!! theres no excuse. hope you had a lovely day though chick!

    i'm afraid i don't know anything about exotropia though! sorry X
  • Oh no, what a rotten thing to do! As for saying if we make a year, what is he playing at??? You both have your little one to think of now, sounds like your OH needs to grow up.

    Not sure about the eye part hun, hope that all turns out to be ok, big hugs. xxx
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