Redundency - anyone know????

HI girls, some of you may know me already but for those of you who dont I am Tammi and have a little boy called Ashton who is 8 months old and I am 12 weeks pregnant with baby no:2!!!!

Anyway what I would like help with is this. I am still on maternity leave untill 23rd March and then I am due to go back to work part time however I have just found out today that the company I am working for is making redundencies and it looks like I will be one of them.

Does anyone know what I will be entitled to if this happens? The job centre say that although I won't be able to get SMP as I will no longer be employed I also will not be albe to claim maternity allowance as my husband works more than 25 hours a week!!!!!!!!!!!! I can however claim dole money which is ??60 per week but I have to be looking for work that is full time, not part time???

Is this right??? Can they really leave me with no money at all???? Can they make me work full time????

Thanks in advance girls!!!!!!!!!!!

Tammi, Ashton and bump!


  • HI babes, have already spoken to them and Acas and they say its up to the job centre! xxx
  • Are they not on dodgy ground if they make you redundant while on maternity leave/or as you go back to work?
  • Think they would be normally but as they are closing two offices, one being the one I work in I think they can choose me as there will be several people being made redundant. xxxx
  • Hubby got a redundancy letter last week and they are having a 30 day consulation period. After the 30 days those who do not want to transfer to the other office can choose to take redundancy. Those who want to transfer are being assessed on skills so if they don't score high enough they are for the chop basically. Perhaps wait and see if you get a letter?? And take it from there. Hope it works out ok for you though! xxx
  • Hiya, with regard to Maternity allowence i dont think that is right because I get it and my partner works full time 38 hpw. I found out i was preg the day after I started my new job!Lol!Just ask for a form.
  • your entitled to ma no matter what as offically you are still employed, i believe anyway. if like me you werent entitled you can get impacity benefit for 11 weeks i think, its very rare a company makes someone redundant whilst on maternity as you could claim its because u were off n go to tribunal x hope it works out chick x
  • Firstly so sorry to hear that Tammi - there is so much of this around at the mo isn't there!!! Its scarey!

    That seems weird to me too about the mat allowance - i thought it was for those who don't qualify for smp like self emp people etc - your oh's income etc shouldn't have anything to do with it! I would def query that Tammi!

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