not happy with doctor and hospital....

Tyler hasn't been very well and we ended up in hospital with him on friday night, anyway it turns out that they shouldn't have given him his injections when he had a temp. Iasked them to take his temp first as i thought he was hot and it was 37.1 but she said that it was fine and was happy to do it. the hospital then said she shouldn't have.

Also the hospital said we are over feeding him by giving him 210ml every 3.5 hours (he never drinks the whole bottle), so said we should be giving him 129ml instead. So we tried this yesterday and he was up every 2 hours last night because he was hungry,

Needless to say he's back on 210ml and if he doesn't finish the bottle then thats fine.

Sarah+Tyler(17 weeks)


  • whats 210mls in oz?? im sorry i cant work in mls,lol.
    i hope he is feeling a bit better. the nurse at my surgery checked lizzies temp before doing jabs as my dd1 had been ill and she said she would only do them if below 37 which they were.

    lizzie is 12 weeks and has about 32oz in 24 hours and i was told if you over feed a baby the baby will just be sick. did they say this coz of his weight or something else?
    do hope he is feeling ok now x
  • no, he's bang on the 50th percentile and weighs 15lb 6 at 17 weeks so he's doing well. its 7oz but he only drinks about 5or 6 apart from bedtime when he fills up for the night.

    he's better today but is very unsettled tonight, think we're in for a long night.

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