Anyone using SMA Whysoy (for lactose intolerance)?

Hi all,

I was wondering whether anyone was using this? We have worked out that Oliver may be lactose are you finding it?



  • I am using sma LF which is the lactose intolerance it has made a BIG difference to my little she din on it a week she take a lot more bottle and putting weight we have up and down at she at night and has bin full of cold so we had 3 bad day but starting to do better. Wont have doctor HV recommend in one does work there are other type you try. Here is some information you wont to have look.
  • just be aware that research showed that giving soya products before six months of age ant that includes soya formula can interfere with babies genetic information and can cause infertility in baby boys and very pajnfull periods later in life in baby girls.I read it somewhere,asked my dietitian,and she confirmed it.If yuor baby is under 6 months mayby yuo could get a prescription for one of the hypoallergenic formulas instead?There are 3 available.xxMartina
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