anyone got an ikea cot?

hiya, i'm going to ikea tomorrow and we're planning to by our cot but just wanted to check first - does anyone know if they are standard size? just because i know ikea beds only fit ikea mattresses so is this the same for cots? i don't want to buy it and they have problems finding bedding to fit so would love to hear from others who have one!
thanks xxx


  • I love my ikea cot, it is a funny size, but u don't have to buy an ikea mattress. Everywhere has sizes to fit it, I bought my mattress from kiddicare, but have seen plenty of mattresses in that size from mothercare & mamas & papas. As for bedding, we use cot size fitted sheets & blankets, they fit fine & never had any probs. We bought the levisik (don't know if it's right spelling) it's the darker wooden one, we also bought the change top & chest & wardrobe & is perfect sizes.

    Jayne xx
  • i thought all the new ikea cots were standard size? i have an ikea cot but i brought msatress from there too.
    if it helps all the cot sizes are on the ikea website so you could compare it to say mothercare if it helps. we have the pink mammut )(sp?) cot and its fab x
  • Wannababy I think ur right, I did hear they were starting to make them standard size. I bought ours in January but was the old size (if they have changed to standard)
  • We have an Ikea cot and they are all standard 60 X 120 now. We had the Hensvik one for Elivia that was bought almost 5 years ago up in the nursery only to find that the mattress i bought (based on the current website measurements didnt fit!!!) i rang up ikea and they told us to return it and they would exchange it to a one with current standards for free!!!!
    We did this a couple of weeks ago, and they gave us a gift card with ??79 on it (pretty certain it was only about the ??50 mark when we bought it...) and we decided to go with the Lensvik cot instead which was only ??75 so effectively got a pack of sheets for free!
    We changed our mind about the cot as we are not intending on having any more babies and the lensvik looked nicer as a sofa type thing as it had proper ends on both sides, and the oak colour now matches the furniture in the room! x
  • we brought ours last august-only rem,eber as it was same day as 20 week scan,lol.
  • thanks a lot that's really helpful! i'll have a quick look on the website to compare with mothercare now but if noone has had any problems i'm happy enough to go ahead!
    jennabump that's great that they swapped yours for you!
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