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Hi Charlie is now 6 months old and so far has been fed solely on pureed fruit and veg. I want to start introducing dairy and meat and drinks.

First question- how do you introduce yoghurt and cheese and custard? Obviously need high fat ones but on looking at all of the cow and gate pots and petit filous etc they have loads of sugar in. Would I be better off buying natural fromage frais and adding a bit of pure fruit puree? What cheese is best to add to recipes?

I know I can give him diluted OJ but is it OK to give watered down apple juice? As he has no teeth yet am I still OK to offer this in a bottle until he does (he wont take a beaker).

Thanks girls x


  • Try 'Rachels organic my first yoghurts' - they have no added refined sugar and are sweetened with fruit puree. Lyvi loves them. They're a bit bigger than a Petits Filous so depending on how much your LO likes yoghurt you may get some wastage (or left over for mummy!) but Lyvi loves her yoghurt and will eat a whole one most times. But my HV did say that a little bit of sugar in the odd Petits Filous doesn't matter and won't do them any harm as long as they have a good diet overall.

    You should use mild cheddar cheese, not strong and this is probably easiest in cooking but you can also use Gruyere, Parmesan, Mascapone (just make sure any cheese you use is pasterised).

    You shouldn't really give any fruit juice (even diluted) unless they are suffering from constipation. Even when they don't have any teeth cut through it'll still sit on the gums and be bad for the teeth as they come through. It's best to stick to water and just persevere with a free flow beaker (or you could try a little shot glass!) as it's much better for their teeth.

    Love NN xx
  • lol nattynik, its funny how the memories come back forr ds1 (and shoclking how ,uch you really do forget image ) my ds had a wee shot glass (plastic) that he loved when he was up and wee bit and could manage it, it was so cute!
  • Lyvi loves her shot glass! She likes to play with her beaker but much prefers to 'drink' (I use that term loosely because most of the water gets spat back out!) from a glass that's a mini version of ours! Too clever these babies are.... :lol: I just hope the neighbours don't look in through the window and think I'm giving her a Vodka shot image
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