Lots of poo & nappy rash!

Hi. Some advice please! So far I've been lucky as my 11 month old has not really suffered from nappy rash, but the last 2 days he has had more than usual dirty nappies (maybe 4 or 5 in a day) and now has dreadful nappy rash. He has been screaming in pain when I have changed him this afternoon. I've smothered on the Sudocrem and hope that this will clear it up. Any advice? Do you think that the excessive poo could be due to teething? I think he probably has another one about to come through (that will be 8).

Many thanks!!

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  • We've had this problem with Faye (3 wks) I've retained a piece of the placenta and the antibiotics I've been taking to clear the infection have given her extreme diahorrea (sp??) at one point we were peeling the nappies off her bum and her cries were heartbreaking :cry: Although extremely red, the skin wasn't broken

    Health visitor was here at one nappy change and she saw her bum, her advice was sudacream and it has worked.... She also suggested nappy free time, but Faye cries when stripped off so it doesn't work

    Not much help, but you have my sympathies xx
  • Oh MrsT that must be hard with a 3-wk old baby, you now have my sympathy! Thanks for the reassurance, Baby George's bottom is very red too but the skin is not broken. I'll see how it is in the morning and maybe see the Dr if it looks worse. Thank you. Hope your infection clears up soon. x
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