Sorry poo question :lol:

Hi I was just wondering if there is any way I can get my DD to poo? She is 5weeks she doesn't go very often may once every day or so. But I no this can be normal but I find she drinks her milk so much better when she goes during the day. I am trying to get as much milk in her I can as she has hardly put any weight on.

Any tips ladies I will try anything thanks xx



  • perhaps take a baby massage class. Although BF babies dont poo loads, I think you just have to go with the flow!
  • Thanks for the reply I'll look into baby massage
  • We give our daughter a little bit of boiled cooled water with a bit of sugar in - hospital told us to
  • Laying them on their backs & cycling their legs can help.
  • Daniel struggled to go when we moved onto formula and we tried everything - water (with and without sugar), cycling the legs, massage etc. In the end it was a combo of cycling and massaging, then pressing very gently on his tummy and lifting his legs up for him all whilst in a warm bath... very messy but it was the only way he could do it until his tummy had got used to the new milk!!! We also went through 3 different formula types before the 4th worked well for him so it was weeks worth of trouble! :roll:
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