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oranges and lemons lala laala...

hi all

just wondered if anyone knows about feeding babies oranges etc. ds is 6 months old and i would like to give him some to try but don't know how to puree them up, ie, do i coook them first etc but would that just turn into marmalade lol??? also some places say 6 months plus is fine for citrus fruit (annabel karmel, but some others say 1 year.

any ideas would be great


sian & austin xxx


  • I would be tempted to offer them as finger foods to be honest, i think if you try to puree them the'll just turn in to juice! Try an orange peeled and seperated into segments on the highchair tray and see what happens! I wouldnt have thought they'd be an easy thing to choke on as the ust mush down to nothing. We're doing BLW with Bella but havent tried citrus fruits yet as she's not quite 6 months, so i'll be interested to see how you do it and what your experience is! xxxx
  • My son had oranges, well satsumas etc from 6mths on as finger food, and loved them, he initially used to just suck all the juices out then move onto the next bit but 6mths later has progressed to eating most of it!
  • hi, i added some to his cereal this mrning, thought it would ease it in a bit more, i peeled them (obviously) and the took all of the skin type stuff and removed each segment from its own little sack and then the flesh inside kinda fell into pieces so just stirre dthat in with his brekkie, he didn't seem to mind it. will have to think of more ways to give them to him too

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