Heating food when out and about?

Hi everyone. My little girl is 6 months old now and has been on solids for a good 6 weeks and is eating plenty. At the moment I've always made sure I'm going to be at home or someone else's home when it's feeding time but I wondered what people do about heating baby's food when they're out and about?? xxxx



  • Some places are ok about heating the food in a microwave. Some point blank refuse or say cos of health & safety they aren't allowed to heat the food in case it burns the baby (like you'd give your own lo boiling hot food)! I've had this before and they gave me a skanky plastic bowl full of boiling water (which I thought was more of a H&S issue having hot water on the dining table - have they heard of scalding)!
    Anyway it's hit & miss really. If you have somewhere in mind it's best to ring them first to see what their policy on heating food is. I know you can buy food warmers but haven't got one so don't know if they are portable.
  • I have a little food flask, I warm Barney's lunch up to red hot before we go out and put it in the flask, this keeps it hot enough for him to eat a couple of hours later.
  • i take a flask of boiling water and a jug when going out for long periods to warm her bottles, but it will work just the same for food i would imagine

  • I usually ask somewhere to warm it up or if not I feed it at room temperature, Gabe is fine with this, I think he prefers hot food but will eat the room temp without a problem. Same with bottles, I warm them when we're home but not always when out. Gabe has sandwiches for lunch now sometimes so I'll probably do that next time, with a yogurt too xxx
  • I'm sure you already know but if you are feeding home made food that has been frozen, you MUST make sure you reheat it to pipping hot and then let it cool to kill any bacteria.
  • My rule for us is genrally - would I eat that meal hot or cold? .. but them i'm a bit strange and eat cold custard and cold rice pudding (don't like them hot!) I do try to warm because I think it's nicer for him to eat, so I will ask! but, if i'm really stuck i'll usually choose something to give him that's sort of alright room temp or finger foods! x
  • cameron will eat certain things cold so i tend to take those with me (spaghetti carbonara of all things!) but if its something that needs warming i will go to debenhams if im out shopping they have microwaves for warming baby food. i never take homemade food out with us its much easier to take jars. same as tiger lily i am going to start takng sandwiches instead.
    when i used to take milk out too i would warm the milk to piping hot, stick it in a avent bag along with a jar of food. the milk would be drinkable within a few hours and the warmed bag would keep the food slightly warm.
    oh and i take out cow and gate dairy deserts as they are yogurts which dont need to be kept in the fridge. very handy for out and about
  • I've only been giving him solids for a few days but with his milk I heat it right up before we go out and by the time he has the bottle it is the right temp. I was just gonna do that with his food too and keep it in a insulated bag so some of the warmth stays in. but he's never been too fussy and if I don't have time to warm his milk he has it at room temp so I'm hoping he will be the same with food. S x
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