just curious to find out what u find hard about motherhood??

As said in the title.. I'd be grateful for ur feedback, personally I find that not being able to get ur breakfast/cup of tea etc cus my baby starts demanding etc .. Oh n now she's on her feet, she's into EVERYTHING. Please tell me I'm not alone when I say its hard work.


  • I actually find the hardest thing letting anyone else do anything with him the hardest, like feeding him, changing him etc as no one does it 'right' and I just want to jump in and do it myself.

    To be fair, I'm the same with loading the dshwasher, washing up etc cos I'm a complete control freak!!!
  • often 'foregtting' to eat or drink, always get sidetracked by something else, not good especiallyas expecting no2 now...also agree with renri, no one can feed ds, cuddle ds, as well as i can lol...buit also what iahve found tough is not having any 'me' time since before he was born, i've had one night out since i found out i was preggers wuith ds,a nd he's now 14montsh, and that was in feb when we vistied the in laws for a week, they had him for a few hours so we could go out for a drink with some of ohs old mates, not been for a drink with my mates since...well, since i got my bfp with ds (was living in blegium then, so last time i saw any of my amtes was befor ei was pregnant when i apid a visit back to uk for a weekend), but its partly my fault, although we're back in uk, i don't ahve anyone i trust enough really to look after him, well oh could, but i'm so out of the loo^p now with my old mates, none of them have got babies and contiued their drinking sessions evryt weekend and i'm never even invited out anymore, i'm preggers again now so can't go otu for a boozy night, but i do long for an evening out where i acn be me, and not mummy or girlfriend, just good ol' me. maybe a coupel of months after this one's here i can get out for night for a few drinks with some mates, i've got a hen do in july to go to, but i'll be 6.5months ish so will be on the non alcoholic cocktails lol x
  • Knowing that when I put them to bed I still have 101 other jobs to do! Im bloody exhausted but I have to do bottles, food, clear up, school work...the list is never ending!

    Gemma, Ryan and Alfie 7.5 months
  • The worry! worrying weather their too hot too cold,If their eating enough too much when she started play group would she come out alive! basically the worry of being a mam was never a worrier before but goodness I am now! xo
  • Different things at different stages have been tough. I remember keeping him entertained before he could move much (at about 3/4 months) was really hard. Now he can move he can entertain himself much more, but I still struggle to fill our days with things that entertain both of us. He is at nursery one day a week, so I have him all on my own four days a week. Many of the mums I have met are now back at work so we usually have one or two days each week where it is literally just the two of us. I find spending all my time with someone whose vocabulary is limited to variations on 'dadadada' and other forms of babbling a real struggle. I end up having long conversations with the cashiers at the supermarket, just to have some adult interaction! :lol:

    I also find the imbalance between my husband's work and mine frustrating. He has a series of conferences this summer which mean several late nights when he will take speakers out to dinner/drinks. There is no question about him going; it is part of his job and he is the main earner. All he has to do is tell me when he won't be home for supper. But I have to negotiate with him to go to one afternoon/evening meeting where I will be networking and pitching for work (I'm freelance). It is totally illogical as I knew this was what I let myself in for when we had children, but I adore my work and I find it really tough not to have found the right balance yet between work and family.
  • I find knowing the fact i HAVE to return to full time work the hardest thing as I hate leaving them now to go to slimming world for a few hours and even then its hubby who is with them! what on earth am i going to be like in 9 weeks time when Ill be worrying about if my mum is ok (shes been ill with cancer but wants to help with childcare) and if Lizzie is ok too!
    im sure they will be fine but if im not really busy at work ill be stood there worrying!
    so yeah worrying is the hardest thing for me. I dont mind being constantly running around and being shattered but oh my god the worry!!!
  • hi hun, with my son, I had a normal healthy pregnancy, then got to being induced when I was 40 13 days and had a c section, when I had my son, he would just cry all the time as they do of course but I could not get out of bed for the first 17 hours after having c section, the mw's made me feel bad for calling them for help, I could not bf tyler without help and they just stuffed my boob in his mouth and walked off and I was crying all the time, I went home after three days, still could not bf and tyler was not having any milk and was losing weight so we went back into hospital on day 8 by this time on was ff, and he was sleeping better and feeding but not putting on weight.

    we had one night in hospital and then started getting seen by hv, she made me feel really bad and did not care about my pnd and had a go about our house being full of moving boxes, had only just moved in when I was 38 weeks and just moved them to one side of our living room. we had no washing machine so cleaning h2b, mine and tyler's clothes over a sink was a nightmare.

    so yes when I became I mummy I found it really hard and had no support from family and h2b was working all the time. now I have my 2nd, don't have pnd as bad, very happy, have a washing machine now lol and doing loads better.

    judi xx
  • worrying is def up there as number one for me. Worrying from the second you get that line on the preg test until...well, forever! I have a 19yr old and I still worry every day about her...
  • to add I did not have time to eat or drink at first and had tyler on my chest all the time.
  • I agree with the worrying thing. Every now and again I realise that I have ACTUALLY completely run out of things to worry about (doesn't happen very often mind!) x
  • - Worry
    - Guilt - I feel guilty on a daily basis! I'm always questioning whether I've done the right thing for my son, whether he's eating the right food, whether I'm interacting with him enough etc
    - Lack of sleep! I used to need at least 8 hours a night. Now I'm happy with 6 - if they're in a row it's a bonus!
    - Lack of me time, and never being on top of things.

    Everything else is lovely :\)
  • The MESS!!! I absolutely hate seeing toys everywhere and hoovering then 5 mins later there's biscuit crumbs on carpet or cleaning window then 5 mins later there's sticky finger marks on it!! I actually dread birthdays as I worry about having more plastic crap in my house - oh and storage space is difficult, lo takes up so much space for such a mini person! It's not lo's fault but it is something I struggle with, I want to keep a lovely tidy house with a place for everything but lo leaves a trail of destruction - the bathroom after I've bathed lo is messier than it would be if just me & oh had used it for a fortnight. Lo constantly empties the bookcase too, and has been known to draw on furniture.....
  • What I find hard is having to cope with everything now that I am a single mum, its very hard but I love my Son to bits, he is my world. I am organised and we have routine which really does help.

  • Thanku everyone.. Yea tidying up etc after lo has gone to bed is a nightmare as u just wanna sit down n chill!! The lady with the mum with cancer I'm so sorry to hear that xx ... I'm just scared that I'd never cope with 2 kids!! As I would like one more
  • my LO is only two weeks but i would say the worry is the biggest one for me - i worry about EVERYTHING! at the moment ive convinced myself she has a hearing problem (and only because she has her hearing test next week). I literally lie awake at night worrying about everything under the sun. Am hoping i will chill out slightly but doesnt seem likely...image x
  • Pumpkin thats strange coz Ive convinced myself Tigerlily has something wrong with her sight because she doesnt always seem to focus on my face! Its driving me mad but cant stop thinking it! What we like! Xx
  • Worrying is a big one for me too. The other thing is the lack of routine and sometimes the relentlessness of it. My DD is only 4 weeks old, but some days she will only sleep for 8 hours out of 24, which leaves me knackered and quite fraught if she is crying for much of that awake time and won't be put down.

    I'm sure this will improve as she gets older, I can't wait until she starts to find some kind of pattern!
  • i definatly find worrying the worse thing, constant are they to hot, cold, are they happy are they healthy, i gained anxaity issues after my DD2 was born but i try to keep it under control to not wrap the kids in cotton wool, and also the not being able to sleep in, in the morning times. They all 3 sleeping through now but still the 6am start gets me, Not a morning person, LOL!!
  • * Guilt! For all the reasons Coco gives. Especially if I manage to get half hour to myself - I then spend the next half hour worrying that I should have been doing something for the babies in that time, or housework, or exercise.

    * When they whinge (not sad crying, stroppy crying). I have no patience for it, and it's the only thing that has ever made me raise my voice to Lily :\( I feel like yelling, "I work my a*** off for you and spend every waking moment worrying about you, and I'm STILL not good enough!"
  • Definitely the worry as loads of others have said. I used to be such a laid back person taking everything in my stride. Now I worry about EVERYTHING to do with LO, can't stop myself even when I know she's fine and I'm being irrational.
    Thank goodness my hubby seems to balance me out - though that has also annoyed me sometimes when I think we should genuinely be worried and he doesn't seem bothered! Of course he is bothered, it's just my new found irrational side taking over!!
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