Wooo finally got my op date!!

Woooo this is a pointless post but I am so pleased I have finally got my date through for my op to get my episotomy repaired!!! 6th October, dd will be 1 on the 22nd October so I am so pleased that it will finally be getting sorted!!!! :\)


  • mine was done in may after a dec birth.
    good luck xx
  • thats great news (you know the way i mean that lol) i really hope all goes well. I saw a locum gp at my new surgery on Monday and she seems to think its healed but swabbed it as she thinks it might have a slgiht infection and be why it was uncomfortable. It was a bit painful so sex still isnt an option and still doesnt feel 'right' to me - have to see a nurse for a smear even though she was footering up then grr so will see what she saws in a few weeks when she looks at it..but im hoping to avoid an op.

    i really hope it goes ok and heals well this time - good luck and the 6th october is only 2 weeks away!

  • That's brilliant news hun!!! Hope all goes well, please keep us posted.

    I have my pre-op appointment for mine tomorrow and I'm absolutely dreading it!! I don't have my date for my actual op yet though, that comes after tomorrow.

    Anyway, good luck! xx
  • Thanks girls, I will keep you updated and I hope you all start to get sorted as well xxx Try not to worry K, once its over and done with that will be it sorted xx
  • It's great that you're sounding positive hun. Have they run through what they'll do to repair it and how you'll be afterwards?
    My email button's active if you want to PM me xx
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