Cows milk in spain???

It might b a totally stupid question but is Spanish cows milk ok for my toddler to drink??? He's 13months n we go to menorca next week. It's just I know u got to fond bottled water with low sodium content so do u know if there is anything I need to look out for with the cows milk? Is whole milk readily available in supermarkets?


  • Hi my parents live between here and Spain so I am often there. The milk is totally fine, yes full fat is readily available in all supermarkets (in fact it is harder to find skimmed etc for us). It does have a different taste to our milk but my LO isnt phased at all.

    However they do sell Aptimel and SMA out there also if you feel more comfortable using that. They do have slightly different names on the tin but you will recognise it as Aptimel etc straight away.

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