Salt Content Etc

Does anyone know what I should be looking for on ingredients for salt/sugar content etc ??


K x


  • I don't know about sugar but babies under 1 should have no more than 1g of salt a day and over 1 should have no more than 2.

    A lot of salt contents are per x amount - usually an adult size portion - so you have to figure it out for yourself on some foods for how much your lo will eat.

    Bread is one to watch out for as than can have 0.6g of salt per slice or even more!

    Good luck with this minefield. They really should help us mum's out more!!
  • Thanks! I'm suddenly having to re-think EVERYTHING. I always use passatta to make chilli but now I'm wondering what its got in it !!!

    K x
  • yeah, you have to check EVERYTHING!
    To be honest though if im making a chilli or curry i do just spoon out enough mince for her and add a Cow and Gate sauce
    Its much easier! A usual sachet does 2 meals for us so i freeze the sauce until next time
  • Ooh - I hadn't thought of that - will have to stock up ... Thanks x
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