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that you can't wait to do with you lo - could be soon or could be a long time away.

First can't wait to take max on his first farm visit tomorrow

Second can't wait to share watching videos cuddled up on the sofa together - when he really watches and is intersted in them if you know what I mean - think that'll be lush!


  • Can;t wait to take Logan horseriding properly for the first time with me!
  • Can't wait to take him to school image!

    Kidding, I don't want rid of him just yet. I can't wait for snuggles tomorrow naptime and he falls asleep beside me
  • Jack - I can't wait to teach him how to ride his bike without stabilisers

    Luca - I can't wait for him to start speech therapy, hoping his first meaningful sentence will be mummy i love you! (rather than calling me nemo, or small, or any character from whichever tv programme he's obsessed with that week)

    Bella - I can't wait to start weaning! And after a small shopping spree (well an ebay one to be precise) I cant wait for the weather to get cold so she can wear her knitted beret with matching jacket and mitts, with her ugg boots!! image
  • Lots and lots of things!

    I can't wait to take him to feed the ducks and have him throw bread to them. I can't wait to walk with him instead of stopping him running off in all directions.

    I can't wait to read him Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh, and oddly Shakespeare. Or take him to the theatre or a concert. Also to a festival and a gig.

    To learn how to bake with him and finger paint. To teach him how to sing - my favourite thing to do - and help him learn an instrument.

    These are all in the future of course but he's getting so big so quickly that I want to enjoy each moment of this and not plan till he's older
  • ....fab post CC!

    Can't wait to walk down the road holding hands with my little boy!! ( wont be long now - he has taken anout 15 steps Yey! )

  • What a lovely post!!

    I can't wait to take my baby man swimming! Or finding out what his favourite colour/cartoon is. I can't wait until he puts his arms out to me (he's only 16 week)

    Oh I could go on forever!!xx
  • McGillair my ds1's fave colour was pink until he went to preschool and realised that this is all wrong for a boy...... :lol:

    It is truly wonderful watching them developing their own personalities!

  • Aww, bless!!xx
  • Sounds silly, (and obviously not looking forward....) but it was a real milestone when my 2 little boys - age about 3 and about 10 mths- finally sat side by side in a normal shopping trolley - it was so cute! Two little boys together :\)

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  • Ohhh lovely post CC......
    Can't wait to take lo to the movies for the first time
    Firework night....his face when he sees the bonfire and all the colours in the sky!
    When he can speak and express himself-hearing his voice properly!
    Having his mates over for tea-how weird and fab at the same time will that be?
    Taking him on a plane to a different country
    Him meeting his baby brother/sister-fingers crossed!
    There's just sooooo much to look forward to. Made me smile even this early!
  • Ooh, so many things!

    I have a list of books as long as my arm that I am looking forward to reading to him, far too many to list here.

    I'm also looking forward to taking him the theatre and teaching him to ski. I am so excited about teaching him to cook that I already sit him in his high chair to watch me while I cook.

    I really want a garden so that I can garden with him, but more for something that I actually *don't* want to do with him - make a den and have his own place to hide and have adventures. It is one thing I am determined he will have, come what may.
  • ohhhh lovely things and everyone's are so different - more please ladies!
  • I cant wait for lily to say i love you back to me!! image love this post xxx
  • i can't wait for her to say mummy and daddy, for her to walk, crawl, but at the same time i want her to stay a baby for as long as possible
  • loads of things be with my lo i cant wait for us to do mummy n daughter things like, hair appointments pampering shopping, take her to dance, gymnastics etc, omg pushy mum alert lol

    my son to ride without stabilsers n swim

    and as mummytink says her to say love you back, although she blows kisses lol
  • I can't wait for christmas this year - it will be his second and I really think he'll be a bit more aware of all the excitement this time.
    The best thing so far was when he started to volunteer kisses and cuddles and when he called me mummy properly.
    Was also very proud when he managed to climb his chute all by himself!
  • Lara, are you planning to let her in bed with you when she's 16 then? hehe only chance you'll have of her sitting still! hehe

    I'm really looking forward to xmas as well this year, same my DS's second but think he'll love shredding and eating the wrapping paper this year! x
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