cold milk

hi girls
does any body else's bubs drink cold milk cause my wade refuses to have it hot ?
is it ok for him to have it like this.
i did read somewhere that it doesn't matter but wanted to make sure.
he is also teething a bit so maybe that why he wants it cold to sooth his gums
gio x


  • Ellie only took her milk warm but took her water ice cold, im sure it dosnt matter but some would say it causes cramps etc but if thats the way he likes it iwouldnt worry. x
  • Aoife will take her milk as it comes too but will generally have it at room temp.
  • thanks girls.
  • JJ had it at room temp from birth which was quite cold cuz our kitchen is freezing, until about 2 weeks ago when he started refusing it cold and now has it slightly warm! x
  • Gabe won't drink cold out the fridge, I tried it once but he SCREAMED.

    He will drink room temp (had it when he was born) but only when the 'room temp' is a bit warmer than it is now lol!! - he much prefers warm.

    I suppose he is a bit fussy about the temp of his milk but he isnt bothered about his food, when we were on hols with no warming facilities he ate jar food out the fridge bleeeurgh. xx

    My friends lo is 1 now but had his milk cold from the fridge from birth and loves it! He refused it warm.
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