quick poll - how often do LO's see grandparents?

just having some "issues" and i wondered how often your little ones see their grandparents? i just wanted to get a feeling of what is "normal"!!

thank you!!!! xx


  • My inlaws live 2 hours away and come up for the day about once a month.
    My parents live 4 hours away and my mum will come up and stay for a few days at a time about once a month. My dad will come with her every other time. Wish both sets lived nearer, especially MY parents!
  • My Mum sees Flynn almost every day! But me and her are very very close and I think it's more than 'normal'.
  • Hiya I would say we visit and they visit us a lot!I c my mum most day and my dad couple of times a week as he is alway working.oh mum n dad c her every couple of days .we r always out long walks so always just pop in for cuppa tea.I think the longest dd has not seen any grandperents is 3days.
    I don't mind plus I don't feel I need to go round or worry if am busy if am busy when they phone saying they r going to come round to mine.

    One reason I always visit both is my brother never visits my mum n dad with his dd and I no it bothers my mum so I would not like to make anyone feel like that!to me there is no hassel going in for 30mins or so most days!
    Sorry went on a bit hope it helps.
  • My outlaws live 3 hours away, and have seen Hannah 3 or 4 times in 6 months. My Mum lives 15 mins away, and has been to visit us once. Only because it was Christmas Day. We go and see her maybe once a fortnight.
  • My lo sees my parents every day as we're currently living with them. My MIL lives about 400 miles away either a flight then a 3 hour drive or a boat trip then a 7 hour drive so we don't see them that much prob 3 or 4 times a year shes always phoning and txtin tho which i think is nice. FIL has seen lo once since she was born and shes now 21 months, his loss tho. x
  • We see my mum a couple of times a week, often more, as she only lives a 10min drive away - and my lo's ADORE their nana - she makes a real effort to be close to her grandchildren. My stepdad sees them, but comes along less frequently - maybe once every couple of weeks.

    My dad works abroad but comes and visits for a day or 2 every time he's back in the UK.

    Fil sees them maybe 4 times a year - hubby and him are not that close. Fil is much closer to sil's children - which is a huge issue for me. His house is a shrine of photos of them - and there's about one of my little boys, and none of dd. When we go there I sit there cringing, because it's so obvious. Sooner or later my lo's are going get old enough to notice!
  • My parents see lo usually every 2-3 days. My fil visits lo about 3 times per week and mil visits about once every 2 weeks, she complains that we dont visit but as we dont drive and she does it would make things a lot easier for us if she was to visit.
  • we see my parents almost every day (and I soon hear about it if I miss a day), and oh's about once a week (well his mum as his dad has never even held his first grandson, not interested apparently !)
  • J sees my mum almost every day as she just lives round the corner, he sees dh's mum and dad every couple of months as they're a 5 hour drive away. He last saw them in feb and he'll see them again in may! They do 'see' him on skype though and they phone/text/email regularly!
  • It's not regularly spaced, but she prob sees each set of grandparents about once every 3 weeks on average. Both live 2hrs+ away.

    She knows and loves them very well, though - so sweet to see her get excited when they arrive :\)

    Hope whatever the issues are they aren't getting you down too much.
  • hiya
    my mum lives 10 mins away and she has seen her 5 times since she was born!
    My dad lives opposite and he sees her probably every other day.
    My OH mum lives 30 mins away and we see her once a fortnight and my OH dad lives again 20 mins away and we see him every couple of months.
    thtas probably not normal but it suits us!
    Sue and London x
  • my mum lives 30 mins away and i go to see her once a week.

    Hubbys parents are an hour and a half away, we dont really visit them (for various reasons eg.they havent built their house, no heating or clean places for baby to be), they come to visit us, at the moment its been about 3 times in 5 weeks, to be honest i dont like them and so dont make the effort to visit them and hubby has never visited them that much even before baby!
  • My lo sees my parents at least once a week, but that's because they live within walking distance and so I tend to go over to see them. My dad doesn't work so it's nice to pop over for a break and a coffee. We try to see my in laws once a month. It's been a bit longer than that since we say them though as we've had to put our car in for a service and they live 2 hours drive away from us. We're visiting for a week over Easter as compensation!
    I think 'normal' is difficult to quantify, which probably doesn't help you hun, sorry! We're lucky in that neither set of parents really pressure us to see lo, if anything I feel guilty that hubby's parents don't see him as often as I know they'd like to. Distance and time are a factor though. x x x
  • we see my parents about twice a week and hubbys parents aboiut once a fortnight
  • My 2 sons see both sets of Grandparents twice a week,sometimes more. They live very close and help with childcare while oh and i work.
  • Both sides live about 15 mins away and we them once a week, more if there's special occasions or something comes up. I hate my in-laws with a passion so do everything not to see them, I dont believe they'll be a positive influence on LO so would much rather her spend time with people who will be. OH tends to disagree :lol: but is starting to come round to my way of thinking.

    Hope the issues aren't too bad and you get stuff sorted.

  • My mum see's Riley most week days as she looks after him when I'm working. My oh's mum lives in Ireland so she hasn't seen him since august. x
  • Every other day, if not more as both sets live close to us which makes it easy for us and them.
  • My mum lives 20 miles away and sees Grace at least twice a week. The inlaws live 4 miles away and see her maybe once every three weeks. Am not in a rush to see more of them thoughimage

    Em x
  • My parents live about 2hrs away door to door, we don't drive so have to take the train and we see them every couple of months, usually in the school holidays, but we always stay for a few days when we do go. I wish they were closer so we could see more of them.

    My in-laws live about the same distance away and they have not yet met new lo (she is now 2 months) and have dd1 who is 5 probably no more than 5 or 6 times. It's their loss though and I'm in no hurry to see any more of them.
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