Baby Clinic?

sorry if this has been asked loads before, but what happens at baby clinic and do you have to go? the reason i'm asking is i had a c section so can't drive for another 4 weeks which means i can't get to baby clinic as its when hubby is at work.



  • all they do is weigh the baby unless you want to see the HV, i was advised to get baby weighed every 4 weeks, you should have a 6-8 week check where the baby will be weighed and checked over by the doc ready for the 8 week jabs it will be your turn for a check up aswell x
  • At ours our lo just gets weighed & she does a quick visual to see if everything's ok. But always asks if there's any ? Just to ask. We're usually in & out in 10 mins. I wasn't going to go, but lo was struggling to put weight on at the beginning, so I go every 2 weeks to see if she's putting it on ok.

    Jayne xx
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  • I would ring them as our HV came very week to see us for the first 6 weeks and then we went to the clinic after that.
  • They only weighed baby at mine, and health visitor only came out once....I was lucky though because the doctors is right around the corner from me.

    I would try and ring them if you live far away and see if they can get someone to come out to you, as you've had a c-section and can't drive.

    My baby clinic was kind of like a no-pressure clinic, they tell you to come in if your worried about bubs not putting weight on, other than that they say every 4-6 weeks. x
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