Teething at 10 weeks??

Has anyone had a LO start this young?

DS has been unsettled for a couple of days, suddenly very dribbly, crying more than usual and constantly sticking his fingers/fist in his mouth.

He was so distressed earlier that I gave him 2.5mls of calpol in desperation - and has was asleep within 20 minutes! It all seems to say teeth, but he's so young!


  • yes sounds about right. although it will probably be months before a tooth cuts though though! has he any white patches on his gums too?
  • LO started just a little later and cut the tip of his first at 15 weeks although we have nothing more 10 weeks on :cry:
  • I think DS started with signs around that age but hes just this morning cut his tooth (I can feel it and see it but its not quite out there yet)

    Maybe its the teeth moving around under the gums...ive heard that can be the case sometimes but I know what you mean, Grant was so unsettled it was such a wee shame..wed just gotten over colic too!!

    I hope he feels better soon, its such torture to watch, esp when theyre still not really able to hold teethers and things that help them image
  • Grace started teething at 7 weeks, and her first two teeth came through at 4 months. She was seven months when two more came, and within a month she had four more!

    Personally we have found Dentinox and Anbesol teething gels best; Dentinox can be used from your LO's age but am note sure about the Anbesol image

    Em x
  • Lucas is also teething, 2 lovely white spots on his gums and poor little mite just shoves his hand in so hard he nearly gips! Calpol is helping, and I've got some water filled teethers that I hold for him that seem to help a little.

    Poor Ethan, let's hope the teeth don't take their time about this...the idea if this every night for months brings tears to my eyes!

  • My youngest DS started teething early. He had 2 teeth by the time he was 4 months. Everytime he'd finish cutting one tooth another one would start. Made breastfeeding interesting for a few weeks :lol:
  • yep it could be my lo started to get dribbly and shoving his hands in his mouth and generally a bit upset and off at about 8 weeks no one believed that he could be teething untill i told them i had my first tooth at 6 weeks and showed them his gums with white spots.

    He is 12 weeks now and it has settled a bit but i think we could be getting teeth soon im thinking thias is probably the calm before the srorm
  • yup, lo started at 9 weeks, i had to give calpol on occasion but preferred bonjela which seemed to work better, you can get a teething dummy to put it on for them to chomp on a bit?

    It did pass though after a few weeks lo is 18 weeks now and she doesn't seem to have had any problems since, and no teeth yet!
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