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I have one ds who is 18 months old and we are staring to seriously think about trying for another. I am currently working full time but would only be able to go back part time. My main worry is while I am on maternity leave if I should leave my lo in nursery 1 day a week. It would be a push financially but he seems to enjoy it so much! So what does everyone else do? We could wait til he would get the 5 sessions free a week but we dont want a too big age gap and my oh isnt gettting any younger. Has anyones lo been in nursery and you have taken them out when no2 (etc) has arrived? Are they going back?

Sorry I know the right time is different for everyone but I feel this is the right time I just dont know what to do about my ds.


Emma x
(also in toddler)


  • Do you use a salary sacrifice child care voucher purchase scheme.The head of my department has recently gone on maternity leave with her second and she used them and when she went to discuss them with HR she was going to reduce the amount she got to about ??10 a month to remain in the scheme but wondered what would happen when she had no more pay,she was told she can't buy them with statuary maternity pay but that a change in the lay has lead to them being classed as a benefit and the company has pay for the vouchers
  • Yes i do. I'm currently claiming full amount. Someone else mentioned this but I can't believe it! It seems too go to be true. My companies mat policy state that the employee has to provide an alternative method of payment for the vouchers while on stat pay. I'm confused! How can I find out for def? It would be hard if we were 2 have another Lo n find out then that I'm not entitled to This ...

    Emma x
  • Once my pay drops to just SMP I can still get the full amount in vouchers AND it isn't taken off my SMP. So I get my full SMP entitlement for that month plus ??243 in vouchers too. It was changed last October I think. Check with your voucher provider too. x
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