Britax Prince Carseat

Ive bought 2 of these as our second car seat today. Its a bugger it doesnt recline easily but theyll never be in it for more than 20 mins at a time so we can cope with that. The reviews seem pretty good. Does anyone have it?

Also, can anyone tell me if it fits into an Audi A4 s-line saloon '59 plate? The website doesnt go this far and mum is on holiday so cant find out. Am not going to take tags off as Mothercare will take it back if the tags havent been removed but just wondered if anyone here knew??


  • We have a Britax Prince car seat for our lo basically because it had good reviews and that it was easily transported to and from each others car. Sorry can't help you with your question of whether or not it fits an Audi
  • We have this seat and it fits well into our car. Not impressed with the recline either bur DD does sleep happily in it.
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