problems with weaning.

Hi ladies, need some advice please, I started weaning my little girl just after xmas she is on the jars for now and has been having lunch and pudding and then a bit of savoury at tea time, but the last week or so she hasnt been interested in her food and just wants her bottle and crys until I give it to her.

Ive stopped weaning for now and am gonna try again maybe next week, just dont know what to do?



  • how old is lo??? some babies go through phases of just wanting bottle even when food is introduced, is she feeling bit under the weather??? have you tried giving her some plain pureed veg or fruit instead of the jars as it can be a bit easier to digest?
  • How old is your lo?? Babies are ready at different time, like you said id wait a few days then try again! she will want it when she's ready. max is 5 months and has breakfast, diner and tea and he is a little fatty lol but my friends little one is 7 months and will only have a bit of breakfast! xx
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