tesco own nappoes.....advice plz

hi im due in a few weeks and have started buying things like nappies ,wipes ,bath stuff and was wondering wt kinda nappies u all use..i just used pampers with my first but heard a couple of good comments about tescos own.. i bought a pack 2day n they seem much softer than the pampers i have...anyone else use them or have any bad comments about them....


  • We have had to change to Tesco's for Jack. We have spent so much money on finding nappies that fit him, he's only 10 weeks old but soooo long and has a tiny waist! We've tried pampers, huggies, morrisons, sainsburys, naturecare ones and Tesco's are perfect for him. I think they are definatly the best!! He's never leaked out of one, and never got nappy rash from using them. They hold a lot! It does depend a lot on the shape, size of baby etc. We can only use pampers for Kelsie.


  • tescos own, used pampers and huggies with first 2 babies and they always seemed to leak and not fit properly.

    been using tescos own since tamzin was born 25 weeks ago and only had one night when she leaked cos she needed the next size up.

    kerry xxx
  • Pampers made my lo stink of wee lol - we have used Tesco's since birth but got bought some Pampers for xmas (who say's xmas isn't exciting eh?!) and didn't even ge halfway through the pack before switching back, so i'd definitly recommend them x
  • Hi, I didn't get on very well with tesco own. I find pampers are the best but I also quite like boots own. I think you just have to dry different nappies seem to suit different babies. x
  • Hi
    At first i only used "named" brands like Huggies or Pampers,what with Ben being my first i thought these would be best and if anyone bought me any these tended to be the ones they would pick...till one day someone got me Tescos own and since then ive never looked back,they are fine and i have never had any leaks or problems...plus they are so much cheaper!
    The best thing you can do i reckon is just try the different brands and see which you prefer but personally i would say go with Tescos all the way!
  • Totally agree with LollyB - every baby/mum seems to differ in what suits them best. So I too would suggest getting a selection. We have used most brands at some stage. Really liked Tesco when baby was little, and huggies newborn were great. Hated pampers newborn, but now lo is 1 pampers are all we use.

    Good luck. xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • I don't like tescos own as I find them too bulky in the front. Probably really good for a boy not so good for a girl! I mostly use Pampers.
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