leaky boobs

im planning on bottle feeding.

will my breasts still leak?

if so, how long for?

how many breast pads will i need? :\?


  • sorry cnt help much as i breastfeed my lo but mine leak at the end of my pregnancy as well as when iv had baby x
  • Yep they will definitely leak, I had to wear pads for the first month and they still leaked a tiny bit after that! You go through quite a lot of breast pads especially if you are feeling emotional. I would buy a box or 2. x
  • I started breastfeeding then it all went a bit pear shaped (not me boobs mind!) but I leaked for what felt like forever but was about 3 months. As you're not planning to bf maybe they won't leak for so long. Just keep using pads I used to double up just to be on the safe side!! x
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