Juice in bottle

LO is 8 months old and I give him juice in both bottle and sippy cup thing.

Does anyone else do this? If so when did you enforce just a tippy cup? I dont feed him in the night anymore so if he wakes I give him maybe 2oz of juice I think this is easier than a beaker.......


K x


  • from 6 months old ds had his water in a free flow sippy cup, before that he had it in a bottle, but once he hit six lmonths and was capable of drinking it froma sippy cup he only ever had it in a sippy cup from then on...he's 14months now and i'm now in the process of trying to get him to take his day time milk feeds from a sippy cup rather than a soft teat bottle come sippy cup thing, but he's not too enthused .... x

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  • it should only be milk in a bottle. this is becasue i teat will just have the juice on the same teeth, creating damage to them. not sure about the effects of spout cups.
  • on the baby juice bottles it says not to use in a bottle, but we have been giving very dilute juice in a bottle as he wont take as much in a cup
  • Thanks for the replies.
  • with my ds1 i used his wee cup for water and kept the bottles for milk, he was off bottles during the day at about 10 months and up to this time i would givr him less milk in the bottle and more milk in the cup to 'ease' him off, he still had milk in a bottle before bed until 14 months from memory and from then on he just had a wee supper and a cup of milk with it x
  • I am going to try more with a cup. The problem for me is the night when he wakes. However im sure 2oz of juice isnt going to hurt too much.
  • is he waking as he is thirsty?? does he normally get milk going to bed?? why am asking is if he associates milk at night going to sleep may bbe milk during the night would do the same?? haven't the same problem myself re the waking fir drinks with ds1 (ds2 is only 13 weeks so i oculd have in the future lol) but it could be an idea
  • well..... apparently the guidlines are not to have anothing but milk and water in LOs bottles...

    I am very lucky that LO LOVES water!! If he didnt i would most certainly put a tiny bit of juice in so he kept his fluids up!!

    He also has a sippy cup with water, but tbh he just plays with that!

  • Lizzie is 5 months. i offer her juice in her tippy cup and she will give a good go and drinking it and we both get soaked gernally but when the weather was really hot i gave it to her from her bottle as i personally thought it was more important that she got fluids regardless of how.
    i am weaning her before anyone tells me that they get all their fluids from the milk-i would agree that they do on a milk only diet but not when weaning as i dont want her consipated. (just my opinion ofcourse lol)
  • my friend gave juice in a bottle and LO had fillings before 2 and teeth removed at 3 admittedly was given in bottle all the time even after 1 year but once they get used to it in bottle sometimes hard to get then to have cup ive only ever given milk in bottle always water in cup from 6mths maybe try a different cup?
  • MoonB- he would quite happily take milk but I was trying to stop giving anything so hv suggested only water at night which he wouldn't take so I put a smidge of juice in but he likes it. I might actually try water again and see if he gets fed up with it and decides to sleep 7-9 haha. In my very short dreams lol
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