Cot Mobiles - Any suggestions?

Evening Ladies,

Quick question gatecrashing from DIO.

I was out shopping in bath today and saw a beautiful mobile in The White Company, just plain pink and white stripey teddies on a white frame. However a lady near asked if I had ever heard of tiny love mobiles, so I retreated from the beautiful pink and white one for a bit of research...

Can any one recommed a good baby mobile? Are they used? If so which ones are best?

The tiny love ones say 0-5+ mths on them... what if our baby is in her moses for 5 mths??




  • we have the home sweet home one from toys r us and lizzie falls asleep with hers for naps and is almost 6 months. when she gets near t reaching it ill take it down but at mo she is nowhere near x
  • I would recommed Tiny Love. We have one and it keeps Adam amused for a-g-e-s. Adam is nearly five months old and I'm not planning on removing it any time soon...

    The Tiny Love ones are really brightly coloured so LOs can see them and focus on them more easily from birth. Pastel-y ones wont be as interesting to them (although they are more aesthetically pleasing to us!)

  • I would totally second Cath here, Tiny love make beautiful toys that are totally loved by my baby. Also it is important to note that best for babies are black and white/ contrasty or very colourful toys. My DD loved the Lamaze Jacques the peacock hanging in her TL Gymini the most as it had a black and white pattern backside. They won't be too interested in pastels.
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