Milk spots

My 5 week old baby girl has red spots on her face. They seem to look worse (even angry) when she gets hot (crying or snuggling when feeding). The health visitor said that they are milk spots. Have any of your babies suffered? How long did they last? Did you put anything on them?


  • millie had these for a week when she was 2 months old but only on her forehead they also got red when hot and in bath. i left them and tried not to get them wet at all they went after a week they just dried out. some last longer than others i guess it depends how bad it is, just dont touch them let them dry out xx
  • My LO had these at about that age too! I was devastated as she had beautiful clear skin up til then. They lasted a few days and went away again completely! She had them a couple of times, but she's 5 months old now and hasn't had any for weeks.
  • Thank you.
    Have just seen a different health visitor. She said that Bethany has some milk spots, but she has dry skin. She gave us some Doublebase cream and said that the heating being on and it being so cold doesn't help.
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