Teething & diarrhoea

Hi ladies

I think Maiya is teething and she's constantly chewing her hand, lots of dribble and pink cheeks. I'be rubbed baby bonjela on her gums but she had bad diarrhoea today (only one of her poos). she's feeding fine but was just wondering if there is anything I can give her that might settle her tummy. she's generally feeling a bit grotty I think as she also had her third set of injections on tuesday.

any tips would be great.

thanks xxxxx


  • Not sure how old your lo is but if she's eating solids apple puree is good as it contains pectin which can firm the stools up.
    Otherwise if her tummy is upset it could be from the extra saliva she's swallowing. My lo's poos always get runnier when teething. Teething powders such as Nelsons can help if they also have upset tummy. You just pour a sachet into her mouth when needed (normally every 2 hours).
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