What you got for Father's Day?

Just being nosey really.....

I got oh:-
a kit for making impressions of baby's hands & feet + 2 frames for impression & photo of lo (sort of pressie for me too - lol)!
A romper suit from Next that says "My daddy's a dishy daddy" (suppose he can be sometimes!)
A certificate saying he's the best daddy in the world!!
Some FCUK smellies

Was going to get him an England cricket shirt but I think we'll save that for his birthday (which is just before he watches England play in the cricket - good timing!)


  • So far only got a mug with pics of lo on. Got to go shopping today but don't know what to get. Got the most gorgeous card though. It's a personalised hand made one n it gorgeous.
  • I've bought a top for Ruby to wear on Sunday saying 'Daddy's Little Girl' he'll love it!
    I haven't bought anything else though. It's come round so quickly!
    I better get down to the shops!xx
  • I havent got my oh anything yet image Im actually going away so he will have his first fathers day on his own but what Im planning on getting is a tankard and getting it engraved (he likes that sort of thing) and its something for him to keep.
  • one of those toblerone daddy bars and a card, i didn't get anything for mothers day so am not going over the top for him (not out of spite just i know he wont be fussed), but will get momento stuff for us both when i feel like it not just for fathers day
  • i got a Daddy Photo Frame from Clinton Cards for his desk at work and have put his favourite photo of LO in

  • I got my oh a photo frame from Clintons too. Ive put a photo in it of him and baby taken the other week at a family wedding. And got him a card too.

  • just got him a mug with the photos of finlay on saying i love my daddy love finlay.......... want to get something else but dont know what, he got me a charm for my bracelet of little baby footprints so that was obviously a tad more than mug!!! blokes are hard to buy for x
  • oh bugger i still havnt got anything, i really must go shopping soon x
  • Star my oh got me that as well (although not for mummys day) is it a hot diamond charm bracelet? I have the necklace as well but am not so keen on it xxx
  • oh dear...i've bought nothing! forgot all about it...better nip to shops.....
  • Went shopping today and bought him a watch and a book about Dad's and also mug with pics of lo on.
  • we arereally skint so its out with the paints and i am going to make a card with Abby's foot pint and hand print on..he not fussy would love it being more personal
    fea x
  • my oh is getting all 3 kids on his own for the day!
    i am doing a 14hr shift at work, so i think the best thing for dad's is time with their kids!!
    they dont need anything else!!!

    ( i know, 3 kids down the line, we've kind of forgotten about the nice things we should be doing! will try and find something and not be so mean!!)
  • i have bought hubby
    the fratellis new album which he asked for.
    2 bench belts
    a pen and keyring with daddy on them
    and some daddy cufflinks oh and a card..
  • I got a remote control guy on a skateboard and a giant chocolate coin medal saying no 1 dad! lol! My hubby is a big wean! His card says no 1 dad....all other dads are just pants! with a superman on the front! lol!
  • i have got oh a new bench t-shirt, big bar of choc, some socks and a gift set with pint glass , socks and keyring in
  • i have brought a mug saying
    'Anyone can be a Father but it takes someone special to be a Daddy'. So True

    May also buy him a me to you teddy. Just seen one online but i think its a bit boyish which has a lil me to you bear piggy backing a big me to you bear. Heres the link if anyone happened to be interested. http://www.allthingsgifts.co.uk/me-to-you-bears-4-inch-tatty-teddy-piggy-back-soft-toy-p-2134.html
    Also seen one on clinton cards website which has a teddy saying i love you this much (arms out stretched).

    Also like ccbmommy idea of romper which she can surprise him and wear! Only probs she is too small for the smallest size! At least she can grow into it lol!

    Going to look for a card but if i cant find one il try and make one. I plan to put a pen in my lo when shes crying or something so she personalises the card with a line she has drawn!

    highlandfea...i like your card design. xxx

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