Did anyone see LK this morning?

There was this woman on (dont know who she is but she looked really harsh ha ha) she had her baby 8 weeks ago and was saying that women should have less maternity leave image

She said that in America they have 6 weeks unpaid then back to work and so should we! Apparently if we are dedicated to our careers we should go straight back and companies should not have to pay for maternity leave. Well im pretty sure the government subsidise most peoples maternity leave and only a few large companies pay more. She also said she would rather hire a man over a woman in case the woman had a baby.

What do you think of this??? I am no longer dedicated to my career but i have no choice but to go back cos i have lots of bills to pay therefore im going t o take off as long as i can afford.


  • The American system is a lot harder than hours - as rule they only get 2 weeks paid 'vacation' a year.
    I know a lot of company owners who feel the same, it is subsidised but the company still has to recruit someone to fill in the position while the female employee is on mat leave - all of this costs money. Companies do end up out of pocket and if you think about it from a companies point of view - it is certainly easier to hire a man than a woman for this very reason alone.
    I'm not saying I agree with it but it is a fact. I was an au pair in the States when I was 19 and the women who do return to work are very career minded but also suffer hugely from guilt at having to leave their babies from such an early age. The people I worked for used to leave the house at 6am and not return till nearly 8pm each night and they struggled so much but like many people in this country, they had bills to pay and had to work to cover them all,
    It's very harsh and much as I don't like a lot of the things that our government have done in the past, we are very fortunate that we get so many paid holidays and are entitled to such a long period off work for maternity leave.
  • The woman was Katie Hopkins who was on The Apprentice a couple of years ago.
    She's a bit of a hypocrite cos she turned down a place in the final as she couldn't promise Alan Sugar that she would move to London etc cos of her kids! So she should practice what she preaches first.
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