Newborn with a cold


my youngest child is just 8 days old and while we were still in hospital I noticed she kept sneezing, I pointed this out to the mw and she said it was probably mucas and most newborns do this (this is my 4th child and I never noticed it with any of the others)
She just seems to be getting worse- shes still well settled but she really snuffly when I'm feeding her and her nose has even been running a bit- I haven't taken her outside as yet so she can't have caught a chill.

Has anyone else had such a small baby with a cold and is there anything I can use to help her??


  • Sorry hun can't offer any advice but just wanted to congratulate you on the new baby, there's a few others now from Jan 08 who are expecting again.x
  • hi, sorry ur lo is is poorly, lolah had a cold when she was 2wks and unfortunaltely there isnt much u can do for them at such a young age, the only thing really is those saline nose drops which can be used from newborn, i found them ok, and i felt better for atleast trying to help her out. maybe give them a try?? xxx
  • Thank you thats very kind
  • Hi, the same happened to our little girl - midwife kept telling me it is normal and the baby just adjusting to the outside world and all the smells - the sneezing continued and we have ended up with a snotty nose and a terrible cough (luckily it has gone onto her chest but she sound terrible the poor little poppet), after an emergency drs visit we were told hse had a virus. If i was you i would just keep and eye on her and if in doubt pop to your Drs, we were given NAsal drops to help clear the congestion, but they just made her sick, and the only other suggestion was to take her into the bathroon when having a bath or shower as the stream may help. Hope she is better soon
  • Firstly congratulations!!! Will have a look for your birth story.

    Bless her. Poor thing. You can use saline drops from the chemist to ease the stuffy nose, they are effective but awkward to put in sometimes if baby is wriggly, luckily with a new baby you can do it when they're sleeping.

  • hey,


    Louise has had quite a few colds and so we always keep a supply of nose saline drops! we tend to buy nasosol but there are other versions I think. They help to unblock lo's nose as they cant blow it. the doctor gave us some with added degongestant when she had a bit of a cough with a cold once too.

    hope it clears up soon.

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