Food advice pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaase!!


My lo is 11 months old and he eats absolutely anything! tried him on a broad bean yesterday and he shivered, spat it out, then put it back in and ate it!! LOL

But the trouble is, he doesn't want me to feed him anymore, when i do he just shakes his head or if i do get it in he spits it out then picks it up and puts it back in!!!
So i am trying to make 'finger foods' but i'm struggling, abviously i've done carrott sticks and things which he loves but i'm struggling to find anything substancial that will fill him up, i mainly give him mashed potato with various things - alway veg, but he can't feed himself that so the only thing i can give him is chips which obviously i don't want to give him!
Any ideas for healthy, filling, finger foods????


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