Am i still supposed to see a HV???

Hi girls,
We moved house about 3 months ago and moved to a new London borough. At our old house, our doctors surgery had a baby clinic with an HV and i used to get my baby who is now 7 mths weighed every couple of weeks or so and check-in with the HV now and then which i thought was pretty standard. Since i've moved though, i have registered with a doctor and when i asked about if i had to see an HV they told me only if i had concerns. So basically no one in my new borough (the dreaded Harringey!!) knows - or seems to care - that we exist. I'm just interested what everyone else does to see if this is right??? I don't go to any baby groups or anything as i don't know about them, i get my advice from BE and books to check his development is right for his age.

It seems a bit strange as thinking about recent cases in the news, how would anyone know if a child was being mistreated until they went to school!!!! Or is it the case that once they've ha their jabs, that's it??? Just want to check i'm doing the right thing....

Thanks ladies:\? x


  • Hi hun,

    we have a baby clinic twice a week and you can take your lo when you want. I take Evie every few weeks and she's 7 months. You can ask hv then if you have any concerns/probs without an appointment. You don't have to go regularly though. Babies have a 7 month check up and then it's up to you if you go after that.

    It seems a bit odd that you're not getting this service!

  • I havent seen a hv since Zaras jabs at 16 weeks. I know that they have done away with the 7 month checks here. She went in for her 1 year old jabs last week & usually you see a hv & then the dr for the jabs but she was just called for her jab so I asked the dr if she needed to see the hv & he said no that hv are concentrating on babies & children that need help & support now rather than just seeing them all routinely as they used to. If you want to see a hv though I would try to contact a hv directly to try to arrange an appointment

    Hilary x
  • I have a baby clinic I can go to to get lo weighed and ask for advice if I want to. And we have a 9 month check here. Thats a shame that you dont have the same service and I agree with your comment about child abuse.

    have a look here
    to see if there is a family grapevine for your area - that will give you details of local groups and services.

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