If you're having trouble with weaning...

Like I was! Max used to cry when I put him in highchair then I'd make silly noises and faces to calm him down so I cuold feed him but he'd cry in between mouthfuls and I'd have to calm him down again.

Well, not anymore!! I expressed a little milk and put it in a doidy cup so after each mouthful of food I give a sip of breast milk because its a familiar flavour and washes down the food. The plan is to start giving milk every 2-3 mouthfuls of food, then 4, 5, 6 and eventually he'll be eating the whole lot no probs! (thats the plan)!!

Hope this helps! image


  • Harry is often the same with eating, and i sing, whistle, pull funny faces etc too lol. I've been doing similar with a cup of water every few mouthfuls...sometimes works and sometimes doesnt x
  • I used to 'prime' Morgana for solids by giving her milk. Evertime she cried eating from the spoon, I gave her a little milk to drink and after a while she started to associate the spoon coming towards her mouth with food and now happily takes it without any milk.
  • Oh thats really great! Hopefully soon Max will be doing that.
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