Food - Have Hit A Wall - Need some ideas please !!!

Hi ladies

DS will be one at the end of the month and I've really hit a wall with what to feed him. I think it stems partly from the fact that I'm now back at work so don't have to think about his meals three days a week - then when I do have him I'm stuck for ideas !!!

Can anyone give me any ideas what I can give him that is quick and easy. He has pasta quite a bit and fish fingers with mashed potato/carrot. I had some portions of shepherds pie in the freezer but hes eaten them all - and I keep meaning to make more but never get a chance image

Any advice would be greatly appriciated - I feel quite down about it at the moment ... image


  • Homemade fishcakes? My dad used to make them for my neice

    I'm a pasta girl myself and could eat it all day everyday so I prov won't be any help

    chicken coated in breadcrumbs and Parmesan (I made this for m and Hubby and was lush)

    Pizza? Quissedellas (sp?) they are tortillas with filling and topped with cheese and then another tortilla on top then cut like pizza

    sausage and mash
    sausage, rice and chopped tomatos and veg?


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  • vegi omlette is really good and quick and easy, risotto, bolognaise, stews/casseroles are good if you have a slow cooker!
    Sorry you are feeling down. Is there anything else thats bothering you?

    Em x
  • Cook a jacket potato and cut in half, scoop out the middle and mash it, mix with cream cheese and tinned salmon, cram it back into the potato skins and shove it in the oven until browned. Cut into wedges and serve with cucumber sticks and cherry tomatoes.

  • Wraps are good and you can put all manner of things in them - you can get wholemeal ones now too - and cut them to make small toddler sized ones. Try filling with chicken and avocado, or tuna and cheese, or make mini pizza's, you can buy bases and put lots of good things on top and its so easy. Or something simple like new potatoes crushed a bit topped with crumbled hard boiled egg and flaked salmon or tuna? You could have it all in the fridge ready for when you need it. It is a good idea to make up a batch of something and freeze it like your sheppard pie but hard to find the time! Dont feel down about it, my best friend runs her own catering business and she cant stand to cook at home too so she is always feeling bad about what she feeds her kids! xx
  • Hey Hun
    How's it going? Don't feel down Hun you've done a great job and it probably doesn't help being back at work etc trying to find time etc! Quick meals like spaghetti Bol or anything with a jacket potato is always a winner here! What about leaving a bit of yours for h for the next day? I know you have quite a bit of spicy stuff but if h likes it to it might be worth doing that? Or beans on toast with grated cheese? London loves that and it's so quick!! Is h at nursery now? How's it going? Are you having a party for him? Londons party was manic but all good fun! Xx
    Lots of love
  • i found all ,meat really difficult for toby without it having breadcrumbs on!

    a week ago we dusted off the slow cooker and mealtimes are transformed. Toby has always loved green veg but root veg he wouldnt eat - he does now in a casserole and the meat eatting is amazing.

    The beef casserole went down a storm and as it was cooked for 6 hours the lumps of meat was so easy to eat.

    We have done the same with chicken and port - you can even do shepherds pie in them.

    Seriously - mealtimes are amazing now. Today he had sausage casserole and demolished it - x
  • Favourites in our house include:

    Cheese on toast
    Scrambled egg - throw in peas or chopped tomatoes and some cheese and pile on toast
    Soup - takes 45 minutes to cook from scratch but make large batches and freeze
    Wrap salmon in foil with some butter, lemon juice and chopped tomatoes and stick in the oven for 20 minutes.
    Cut a chicken breast into strips, dust with Parmesan and bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes.
    Stir-fry (using low salt soy sauce).

    Hope that helps.
  • lilylou1976 I have to ask... is your babys name really London? I've seen a few of your posts and have wondered. Hope you don't mind me asking :\)
  • Don't mind at allimage
    Yes her name is really Londonimage we chose it way before she was even conceived as oh and I were watching a film with the main character was called London and oh said if we ever had a baby girl can we call her that? So we did! Xx
  • hi i've got an amazing book that i used for ds and will be using for this one when the time comes. the isbn no. is 1-40544-368-5. My mum found it at a sale so don't know if its still available, but i found it really useful for ideas!!
    its called the baby and toddler meal planner.

    Lauren x
  • Yeah it's the anabell karmel book- I have it too and it's great x
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