help need faith needs to do wee sample

Hi girls need help i bin given bags to try get her to wee in them so they test it has any one baby done it and how did it any tips on how to keep 8 1/2 month old baby to do wee sample

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  • I don't envy you hun that sounds very very tricky!

    I've never done it myself but i imagine if i did i might try giving her plenty of liquid and then nappy off time... and as gross as it sounds... if she started to pee... id try to "catch it" with the bag! not sure if that'd work, but i know evie tend to stand still to wee!

    Also i know she is very very young but you try the above, but buy a cheap potty and if you spot her starting to wee - sit her very quickly on the potty to try and catch some, which you can then tip into the bag?

    sorry if thats rubbish advice!
  • I actually think the potty idea is quite a good one - if she will sit still that is!
    I think it must be so much harder with a girl then a boy tho lol!!! xx
  • i wil get a potty
  • weve done it loadsa times with david now due to his utis. they have attached a bag over his willy inside his nappy before, held him on our laps and held the pot over his willy, i guess its harder with an older baby but id give her a bottle and then hold the potty under her, as david always pees during a bottle lol
  • When I had to get a wee sample off my daughter we did just sit her on a small potty and try to make her drink as much as possible. I found she would wee more quickly if she was in very warm room, too cold and she seemed to hold it,

    good luck

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