Bum Genius or Wonderoos Reusable nappies - advice please

I was wondering as you ladies have had your babies if you would be the better ones at helping me with my questions.

I was dead set on after a few weeks using the Wonderoo reusable nappies but can't find any feedback about them has anyone tried them or uses them, any recomendations or advise,

I have now seen the Bum Genius also one size birth to potty but they start at 7lb slightly smaller baby, what are these like any good or recommendations, Have asked in Resuable nappies before but not got much joy, will post in there again.

15 Week today


  • Hi there, I used bum genius pocket nappies for my lo and thought they were great. They are quite slim fitting and dry quickly. Also never had a problem with leaks ,although I think as with all reuseables they probably need to be changed more than disposables. I never got a chance to use up to potty training as when my lo was a year we had a water shortage where I live, but we got a good year out of them. Would definitely reccomend them although having had no experience with wonderoos couldn't compare. Good luck.
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