am i nuts??

when i was pg, i was never going to do it again. just after i had ds i was so broody. it did subside but now i so want another baby again. a couple of mates are pg at the mo and 1 is my best friend and although im so chuffed for them, i am also so jealous. the thing is we have decided we need a bigger house before we try for another (not an option in this house). some of you may know my oh lost his job before xmas and it isnt lookin promising on the job front. im wonderin if this is why im feelin desperately broody!!?? anyone else feel like this? any advice or a slap to get a grip would be helpful!!lol.

sorry for witterin.i just cant stop once i


  • Hey Babyfizz,
    Am sooooooo broody-just love babies! We're in a similar situation as we have a 2 and a half bed house and if we had another lo (fingers crossed!) God knows where they'd fit!
    I'm sure the feeling will subside eventually but as lo is 6+months old and I stil like the idea but then have to have a serious talk with meself!!
    Oh and you haven't wittered babe!! xx
  • I am broody also and Faye is coming upto 3 mnths!!! I'd like her to be potty trained before another LO though as I don't think I could handle 2 in nappies together!!!
    I've had a reflection thingy with a community mw this afternoon as I had a traumatic birth and we spent some time chatting about 'next time', so yeah defnitely!! Loved being pregnant image
  • dont encourage me.queen wed need a garden shed for oh to live in if we had mum to 1 we have the same prob,we have a 2 bed terrace and fin's room is a box room. i thought it would go away but still soooo keen on the my oh would have another in a heartbeat but im tryin to be y do i have to be the sensible
  • mrst, sorry to hear bout your experience. y are you so sensible?lol. thats what i should be thinkin
  • Sometimes I'm broody. I do want to be pregnant again as it was so amazing and I had an easy pregnancy with a lovely round bump lol. But on the other hand it takes ages to get out the house and I can't be arsed to faff about with 2 Lo's when 1 is hard enough sometimes. Oh yeah, and I'm probably splitting up with my other half (though we're still having sex!!! TUT). So, erm, no more for me I'm afraid (boo!). xx
  • we are hopin to start tryin next year too!! i cant go on the pill as anythin with hormones sends me a bit mad - can u imagine what i was like when i was pg?lol. so i keep hopin for an 'accident'. xxx
  • I feel broody all the time and I already have 3! I really do need a good slap! lol!
  • mrst, sorry to hear bout your experience. y are you so sensible?lol. thats what i should be thinkin

    Aaaah thanks! Faye was forceps, things got abit nasty and out of control....

    We wern't really intending to be parents so quickly, it was abit of a shock! I came off the pill xmas 2007 thinking I'd give my body time to recover, we had a lovely lovely valentines night meal and then 'hmmmm' image Next thing I'm bloody pregnant!!! :lol:

    I've already told my hubby he isn't coming anywhere near me this Valentines LOL
  • lol mrst, you know when you have yourlo and 2 hours later they come and see you and go 'and what method of contracaption are you going to use' erm the never having sex ever again method!!lol. we had been together 3 months and found out i was 6 weeks pg - hows that for maybe all us broody ones should see who can last the langest before we actually go sod it, lets have another!!
  • Yes at my 8 wk check I was asked about contraception and I said 'I dont need to have this chat because there isnt any sex on the cards!!!' She was quite taken aback LOL and asked if our next one will be conceived by magic
  • I would love another baby ! but victoria only coming up to the 3 months mark on tuesday wont her too be atleast one before i try again x
  • I'd happily have a dozen. But circumstances don't always allow everything, perhaps another one day, I'm not necessarily past it yet image

  • I feel broody quite a lot of the time i definitely don't miss pregnancy but i do miss having a new born i can't wait for next time but really can't afford and we too live in a two and a half bed terrace house so not a lot of room. sorry to hear about your husbands job. and tigerlily sorry to hearabout you and your oh xx
  • I would love another but also would be my worst nightmare. Our wedding is in 8 months, def dont want to be prg, would have to cancel prob as getting married in america, i want to spend my time with cam and not have to share it, we would need to move which we cant afford to do, But i loved being pregnant, everyone seems to be prg and im seething with jelousy...then giving myself a mental slap cos i know its not right for us right now.
    My view is, if i have another, i would be broody again 6 months better to wait and enjoy my son and give in to my broody ways a few years down the line! my plan was to wait a few years for good reasons so i should stick by those reasons! i think! lol! xx
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