do i need to worry??

Hi max had been chesty and coughing for a few days now, dr said i could give him some medised which i have, but he's started to make a wheezing sound when he's breathing and a rattly noise? is this just a cold or do you think he needs to be checked ou?? when should i worry?? thanks sara xx


  • Don't think you need to worry but when Ellis had a cold the other week doc said he has a wheezy/rattly chest so gave him some salbutamol (used for asthma) and he was fine then so think another trip to docs is in order, he may have had a bit of a reaction to the medication or something??
  • hi i have some of that for my other son lewis, cos he gets chesty too like asthma, max is 11 weeks old and weighs 16lb now so do you think he will be ok with it?? one puff??
  • I wouldn't risk it hun. I've just got back from the dr's, I thought Barney was weezing but it turns out he has a chest infection and needs antibiotics. I would pop to the doctors if you can
  • JJ was like that before he got bronchiolitis, don't take any chances, i'd take him back to the docs x
  • no def not hun, they give it in syrup form for babies and it must be a different dosage! also they would need a record of it incase of allergic reaction or incase he is developing asthma they need to see how many times it has been prescribed (needs to be a few times i think before they diagnose asthma!)
    Safest bet is take him back!

  • I'd take him to the drs honey, better to be safe than sorry. Hope everything's ok.

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