Rant...........sorry really long!!!

Hi Girls, sorry have to get this off my chest or i think i will explode!!

I did post earlier but bloody BE ate it!! just to add to my lovely mood



We have the absolute neighbours from hell. we live in a block of six masionettes in a lovely quiet village (or it was till they moved in) and you would think i lived below an anvil!!! the amount of noise they make. Anyway getting to the point, they are really malicious and keep phoning our landlord about fictitious problems that WE are causing!!! They keep saying really stupid things like we are blocking their entrance with rubbish blah blah blah. Anyway then she leaves snotty note on my FB so i tried to be civil and said look we are not doing any of these things and more to the point we dont moan when they hoover at 12 at night (her response, at least i know what a hoover is!!! i cn assure you i do to!!) i dont moan when they are banging about at 2am (her response some of us have to work for a living so never up at that time, which is a complete load of s___ as they are out on their balcony smoking!! and my hubby was made redundant that was why he was not working and i am staying at home with the children till September when i go back to Uni (OH has a job now!!) and her OH hasn't worked for 3 years!!.

They just try and make life as hard as possible and thinks the world owes them something. They are extremely rascist and homophobic which is hate, My brother recently "came out" and they had some delightful comments to say about that, which i stupidly just ignored!!
What would you suggest as i am close to murder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


My Bil and his wife have just split up (november) he left her for another woman!! well she spends all of her time now trying to out do hin so has been trying to get his family, including us, to take her side, which we have said is ridiciulous because he will always be there and we like him, i cant actually stand her lol. well she has found out that he is coming down to see us the first week in march, so phoned up to tell me that she had BOOKED her coach tickets for her and 2 kids and they were coming down 16th FEB!! i have now told her she cant come cus OH is working in London in the week and to be honest i dont have the room. She is not having my bed, Caitlin (2) wont have anyone sleeping in with her and her room is too small anyway. The twins room obivously as two cots in it so cant/dont want anyone in there either. So she got the right arse saying he will lose the money that she has paid and i said well you should have checked with me first, so she put the phone down.


Part three

I have a coil fitted and have had no period since twins were born (7 months this week) so keep doing pg tests, really dont want another baby at least for a few years as plan to got back to Uni in September to do midwifery, so why am i so disappointed when i get a bfn??? anyone else feel like this???

Last bit promise, OH on his way to LOndon NOW snow really bad, his boss phoned at 5.45am and said had to got, he just got there and boss told him to turn back round too dangerous, now i am petrified that something is going to happen in the car on the way back


Thank you girls and sorry its so long!!!

Love to you all and your darlings!!


  • oh dear- sounds like you need a holiday. Get a tonne of sand delivered to your living room, get your towel out and lay down with a cocktail.

    Seriously ignore the numpties, promise yourself another baby for your 30th (35th/ 40th) and get oh to make you hot chocolate when he gets back xxxxx
  • Bloomin' heck hun! I would be in a pants mood too if I had to put up with all that!
    Sending you sympathetic but essentially useless hugsxx (Am sure OH will be fine and it'll be nice to have him back for the day won't it? Alwaysa silver lining honestxx)
  • the no period thing is rather normal with the coil, my sister in law has only had the odd couple since she got hers in a few years ago, i use to get mine ever 3 months when i had mine in, but after 2.5 years the stupid thing stopped working and my little boy was conceived, we were lucky though as they were able to remove it and nothing happened to him,
  • thanks girls feel loads better just gettin it all of my chest! and oh got home safe and sound.


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