What couldn't you stand when pregnant?

Hi all.

I did a post a bit back on what we liked and craved so thought i'd see what we couldn't handle the smell of while we were pregnant? I know when we're pregnant most smells send us running but i was just wondering if there was the one thing that stands out the most that you couldn't even look at let alone stand the smell or taste of.

With my son i would take a run and jump for the loo if i saw or smelt bleach.

with my daughter i couldn't stand the smell bacon and that to me now and always before was heavenly. lol

What were yours if you had any?

Lisa xxx


  • I couldn't stand Chinese food and I wouldn't even let anyone eat it in the house. My husband had to suffer without a Chinese for 9 months. The thing is that Chinese is actually my favourite food so I was gutted. Nothing else seemed to bother me much though,
  • Bread!
    I love bread freshly baked but when i was pregnant, the smell made me heave and couldn't eat it anymore but soon as i gave birth, I had toast for breakfast the next morning and the smell didnt bother me anymore!
  • Lisa that is so odd as mine was bacon too. Literally the smell of frying bacon made me vomit! Urgh!

    It was the same with most meat though, I pretty much avoided meat in my pg as it made me feel ill x
  • with justin and maya i never had anything but with charlie it was steak pie
  • Meat, coffee, garlic and my dog! He smelt so bad when i was pregnant esp if he got wet
  • Perm Lotion on my first. Not good when you work in a hairdresers and with Maddi it was anything sweet. Chocolate, biscuits, cakes etc.
  • I couldn't stand being near anyone who had been or was smoking - I had to walk out of lush once because the smell of a bloke who was in there!
  • FISH!!! omg fish yuk! Im usually a real fish lover but the smell made me feel soooooo sick! Plus smoke! I usually dont mind the smell of fags but i just couldnt stand it i would feel so ill
  • The dishwasher - we tried so many tablets but the smell of the thing washing made me so ill!
  • perfume!!! and lavender fairy liquid. strangly though some perfumes and the liquid still make me feel queasy. at least i can avoid the liquid but not the perfume!
  • cheese and onion crisps! :lol: still funny with them now! xx
  • Sex - I just didn't want my poor hubby anywhere near me! (apart from for cuddles).
  • Mince always got me! It started to taste like perfume as well, yuck. Also, lavender plug in air freshners. xxx
  • There wasn't anything i didn't like when pregnant, which is half the reason why i'm finding losing weight such a pain in the arse - lol!!!

    I seemed to like all foods including MacDonalds, KFC & Burger Kind which i normally loathe!!!! Did it lots of healthy food too!!

    Sarah xxx
  • The smell of Maccy D's and KFC made me heave big style when I was pregnant both times.

  • Think I might be a bit strange but I had nothing, not a sausage!!

    I had no cravings, no dislikings. no morning sickness, nothing! Not that I'm complaining but I was kind of looking forward to having something to tell the kids I craved or hated when I was pregnant lol.
  • Lol there is some strange stuff there. I was gutted about the bacon one because before and now it is my favourite smell but while i was pregnant with my daughter i didn't dare go near a cafe for the fear of puking in front of a happy couple eating their dinner. lol.

  • for me it was the smell of the tumble dryer, or mince. i couldnt cook with mince at all, and every time i walked into the flat and smelled the tumble dryer i felt soooo queasy it was awful!
  • I couldn't stand the smell af anything, but i had hyperemesis so i was an exceptional case lol. The worst things were my fridge, which i could smell no matter where i was in the house, even if all the doors were closed and it was spotlessly clean, and my husbands fish tank - poor fish had to be rehomed because the smell was so bad - even though hubby couldn't smell anything, and they never smelt before i was pregnant! xx
  • TBH i cant remember being off smells as such...but i do remember always wanting to eat tuna and mayo sandwiches...i hate fish the only fish i can and do eat is tuna with mayo on a sandwich but then only if nothing else!!even after i had Ben i still did nothing but eat tuna butties,for lunch and dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!now back to only eating them if nothing else!!!lol
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