head slumping forward in carseat

Hi there
Does anyone have any recommendations for neck pillows or other products to stop LO's head slumping forwards when asleep in carseat? We have it on full recline but he still slumps. Thank you!


  • i dont but i am quite interested if someone knows, LO does this when fast alseep and it does worry me, i have tried doing the strap us super tight but it makes no difference?
  • Hi is it happening because there is too much space each side of his head - or just that he flops forward. We had problems when LO grew too big for the newborn size liner in our carseat as he had no support on each side of his head once we removed it. We bought a head support from M&P - wasn't very expensive and seems to have done the trick x
  • Hi there, thanks for the replies. We've just moved him up into his second stage car seat. He's 8.5 months and v tall and big for his age, his head is at the top of the infant car seat. So anyway I think it's because there's too much space either side of his head and that it doesn't recline as much as the first car seat. I might try one of those head hugger thing u get with the first car seat, that's a good idea. I have moved the straps up slightly so they are level with his shoulders & that has helped a little. X
  • Ps I think he is also quite "bendy" haha so he flops forward easily. The man in halfords said he had never heard of this before?!?
  • This happens to Sara too...looks so uncomfortable! No advice, just wanted to say we're in the same boat! Will watch this thread with interest

  • Jezzy, am I right thinking you have a maxicosi? if you had the m c infant carrier the headrest will fit it apparently.

    K xx
  • we had this a lot, our car seat is Britax and it was a nightmare! Ways to solve it are we bought something to level the car seat as we found it was tipped a little too far forward and so was tipping lo forward, its on the kiddicare website and its like a spongey roll that goes under the base that the seat attaches to, i'll try and find a link, I have a belted base though? In addition to this we also bought like a head halo, its 2 sizes and holds her head either side which stopped it flopping forward?
  • thanks so much for the info and links!

    Hi KMW yes we have maxi cosi - both cabriofix infant carrier and now the maxi cosi tobi.I have moved the head hugger from the cabriofix into the tobi but I can't see how to get the straps through the head hugger holes. Sorry to be dim. Any clues?

    Morello thanks for your suggestions. I wonder if there is an equivalent car seat leveller for the forward facing models? Anyway thanks for showing me the kiddicare website, there's loads on there. I've seen a good neck pillow that might just do the job.

  • Morello we have the same britax seat, bought because it was so safe...but when its attached to the belted base its very upright so they do bend over. Off to buy that wedge, genius, thanks!

  • oooooooooooh just spotted this after creating my own topic on the exact same thing (but the problem's with the infant carrier not the next seat up). Can I just ask where you've put the foamy thing? I don't think it'll fit under the base in my car so do you think it'd be possible to put it between the seat and the base?!


  • I was talking about an infant carrier in my replies

    You have to put it under the base and then refit the base so its all secuse again. If you put it between the seat and base it won't clip in properly IYSWIM?!

  • ahhh ok.

    I think the problem might be the isofix fittings in my car as they are right at the bottom of the seat and I worry they'd just tip the base up so it was at the same angle as when I started. I really didn't want to not use the isofix fittings but I might have to to get her to the right angle......

    thanks!! x
  • My solution to this problem was buying seatbelt supports (adult ones) and using like so....


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