Do you have a music playlist for your baby?

I'm due in 3 weeks time and i'm just making a compilation of songs i can play for when we're getting into relaxation/sleepy mode, or just when we're chillin in the nursery. I have a whole range of songs already, mainly ballads from alicia keys, beyonce, james morrison, colbie calliat but i also have a playlist just for chilled out classical music...

do you have a similar sort of set up with your babies? what songs do you recommend?



  • Can't help on the pop music front, my lo used to nod off to the Deftones and RATM, bless 'im!

    I tend to have CDs in the day that we listen to while I'm changing him, or to bop about to, then more chilled out music for bedtime. If he's going for a nap he loves audio books, they're great for just giving him something to listen to as he drifts off. He's always loved them, since he was born really.

    On the classical music front he loved having Classic FM on as he went to sleep because they play chilled out things and the lady who presents the show that's on around bedtime has a really soothing voice!

    Apart from that I made him a playlist of things like Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and Debussy's Au Clair de Lune, things like that. He was always completely mad for Jupiter from the Planets Suite by Holst, even before he was born, but that's a bit more chillin-in-the-nursery than bedtime relaxing.

    I'd just say that any music you enjoy, baby will probably enjoy! Just pick and choose them according to the mood at the time.

    Em x x x
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