Sex..? Sorry, whats that?

Argh. This is really starting to bug.

Seems like my OH has reverted back to a pre-pubescent child when it comes to sex.

IE he won't do it! I have no idea why and he claims that he's tired or has things on his mind. WHAT A WOMAN. I've done so much for him to get him to see me in a sexy way but nothing. Not even a glimer of something sexy.

i've bought some nice underwear he'd like, Got the trim-down-there the way he likes it and even read a book on how to get him going - hoping to pick up tips and He can come home, put his feet up and relax while i'm still tidying round him.

I know i've not got the body i used to (not that it was much then anyways) but he does say that he likes it the way i am.

I'm so confused!!! :S:S:S
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