Qu on Infacol

We started using this yesterday for our twins as they both seem to have trapped wind. Qu is how long do you use it for? It says before every feed but doesn't give a maxiumum dose. If the twins are feeding 7 times a day, is it ok to give it before each feed? And how long for - 3 days? I don't want to overdose them!



  • You can give it with every feed. We used this with every feed for the first 6 weeks as Rhys suffered with trapped wind. There isn't a max dosage so don't worry bout it x
  • No you can't overdose on it - but you do need to use it for at least a week before it has any real effect and then continue to use it. Many parents have found infacol to work wonders - unfortunately when we used it with Lily it made her really sick, so we had to stop using it. Hope it's a success for you.

  • yes - infacol i think has an accumalitive effect so the more you use it the better it is! i used it and it was indispensible - i would definately recommend it.
  • thanks all, I'll keep giving it then and hope it works! I didn't realise about the cumulative effect so good to know about that.
    thx, emma
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