For fun!! :) (if u dare!!)

I'm watchin the top 100 boyband songs of the 90's and am loving it! I feel like i'm a kid again!!

Who was ur fave boyband and fave song??

Mine was Backstreet Boys and All I Have To Give OR East 17 Been Around the world, i think!! then more songs come on and i love them to. lol

(how sad am i??)

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  • Take That!! As for fav song to many to choose from!!

  • Showing my age now but it was New Kids on the Block - Step by Step!

    The SHAME!!!!
  • Take That, then 5ive and then BUSTED (hence the mrsjbourne name) - even tho Busted weren't the 90s i still have to mention them :lol: ...i loved Babe by Take That, didnt have a fave 5ive song but my all time faveeeee song was Sleeping With The Light On by Busted...loveee that song!! x
  • I think mine would have to be backstreet boys "all i have to give" too. When i was about 11 i had a lil boyfriend named james and he once got down on one knee and sung this to me. I know it sounds stupid but i actually did love him and i think i always will, i still dream about him sometimes, he was so lovely! "blush" lol xxx
  • aw, those were the days...used to love take that, backstreet boys etc and also N'Sync - remember them?!?! where justin trousersnake made his name with dodgy curly barnet x
  • Aw bless you sunnymum lol, thats so cute...

    I think mine would be one of Westlife's songs, I liked them all really but fave was "when you're looking like that"!

    My stepsister who is the same age as me had over 200 posters of them on her wall, she was that obsessed, lol.
  • haha and justin trousersnake and his curly barnet!!

    remember 911??? xx
  • OMG!!! i forgot about 911 - saw them live at a concert hosted by our local radio station, how i swooned!!!!!!
  • spedshaw- the blonde guy from bros gives me the horn....dunno so wierd lol! xxx
  • I didn't really follow pop bands but the other week my mum and I watched the 100 most annoying songs ever. I think we liked 90 out of 100 so we decided that we much be very annoying, LoL.

    Kerry, Freya and Bump
    X X X
  • New Kids on the Block, but I honestly can't remember a favourite song!
  • Well I was gonna say Take that until Lottie & Neve and Spedshaw reminded me of NKOTB and Bros!!
    Yes I am showing my age here lol.

    Fave take that song - Relight my fire (though tons more)
    NKOTB - Hangin tough (cause I can't remember many more from that far back)
    Bros - Cat amongst the pigeons

  • Take that and boyzone fav songs could it be magic and words. xx
  • OMG if you're sad then so am I!
    I LOVED Backstreet Boys, East 17, Boyzone. 911, N'Sync etc!!
    Don't think I can pick a fav song though!!
  • remember five n got the feeling? haha xx
  • Yep New Kids on the Block for me too, don't think i could pick a favourite song.

    I actually got their Christmas album off my sister for Christmas this year as we both loved it so much when we were little. We made everyone listen to it on Christmas day while we sang along! Tres embarassing! You wouldn't think we were 27 and 30 lol! x
  • gotta hang my head in shame! i loved an american group Hanson and they song mmmbop!! sorry! lol!
  • LOL funkymonkey I loved that mmmbop song as well but was always to embarrassed to admit it :lol:
  • (sorry gate crashing from pregnancy, but saw the topic when i first logged in and just had to reply!!)
  • westlife fool again, i have been caught out many times singing out loud to it, and considering my cds r 90% metal ( oh the shame) lol
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